Elevate Your Presence is a full service publicity, social media, business development, management, and event execution firm that defines excellence. EYP's clientele includes film festivals such as The Chicago & NYC Food Film Festivals, food companies such as Danny Macaroons, websites such as Food Mafia, non-profit organizations such as the Invest For Kids & The Sustainable Living Roadshow, restaurants & bars such as Motel Bar, & more. Join our exclusive client list & Elevate Your Presence.

Molly Bett Kovler founded and runs Elevate Your Presence, LLC after graduating with a Master's from the University of Chicago and working on the Obama campaign ('08). Molly is highly connected & heavily embedded in the social web. 

Online, offline, traditional, social - it's all media now.

Embrace, Evolve, Elevate - Elevate Your Presence.



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