Delicious DIRT. This post was taken from Sunshine Sealed, MBK’s personal blog 3/09.

This is my first blog post since the Obama victory where I was a New Media Coordinator and I blogged for the Obama campaign.   Back then this field was better known as “New Media” and now it is more often called “Social Media” and as I have integrated into the world of what is now knwn as social media, this name change is often the topic of conversation.

I feel so grateful for the experience I had on the Obama campaign, the people I worked with, and the entire process as a whole.   The fact that I was part of the single biggest social media movement of our lives, well that is just inspiring, motivating and just plain old awesome.    It is remarkable how the campaign grew utilizing social media which was not mainstream and still rather unknown.  Yet the ultimate conundrum is that it is not that remarkable because social media reaches more people than any other medium so it is obvious why it worked.   The most genius part was deciding to take a grassroots approach to social media resources.   This Fast Company article on Chris Hughes and how he helped launch FB and Obama’s campaign is great.  It has amazing insight into this topic and I would suggest reading it at your leisure.

The entire world of social media has grown in recent years, but it was not until after the campaign and the recent months, that it has become mainstream.   Back during the election, so few people even knew what “new media” was or even about Twitter, Facebook, etc… Now, even people who bashed those sites and those networks (which reach more people today than any other medium – do not know the stat yet), have joined these social media sites.   Some of them still do not know how to use them, but they have joined… Some even have made up excuses about why they joined…  That is ridiculous to all of us social media geeks who know that Twitter, for example, is probably one of the best news aggregates out there.  Even the New York Times and CNN get their news from Twitter.   One of my FAVORITE websites is Mashable- The Social Media Guide.   For more info on what I describe above and one of my favorites, check out Mashable’s article about the ten most extraordinary Twitter updates.

Either way, the grassroots aspect of the Obama campaign and how social media was used so BRILLIANTLY to win the race is something so grand, so immense, so important and so relevant.  It was not only relevant to the race, but also significant to the world- in every arena- right NOW.   I believe social media is the wave of the future and I am so passionate about it that I have decided to try to take what I learned on the campaign and what I have learned in the time since, and find a new career in it.

I am a social worker- got my Masters in social work a few years ago and have been working in schools for many years with children and animals.    The first blog post of my MYBO blog, (My Barack Obama), has a bit of background on me,  and you can read it by clicking  here. I actually had not read this first post in many many many months.  I reread it moments ago and honestly was touched.  If you chose to read one post, click the above link and read the first.

As my uncle Peter says, “feel no obligation”, and I mean it.  If you want to view my MYBO  blog in its entirety, click here.

My personal blog, Sunshine Sealed, will cover my journey into the world of starting my own company during a time when the economy has fallen.   Take the journey with me.  Living in the moment/ mindfulness, is vital and I work on it every day.  Check out this Psychology Today article about living in the moment and great ways to learn how to do just that.

Carpe diem,


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