Delicious DIRT from Sunshine Sealed 4/09

Someone very important to me just reappeared in my life.  Timing is everything.   She was a huge part of my childhood- a very happy one for the most part.  At least for many years it was just that.

In any case, in one of her most recent emails she said, “ I always thought you would be a big movie star some day.  I watched for you on the big screen because I knew that whatever you wanted out of life, you had the ability to make it come true”.   My long lost friend reappearing with such words of encouragement is extremely valuable and touched me deeply.    The relationships we create at formative stages in our lives are ever lasting and this relationship proved just that.   So thanks C!

By the way, back in the day I wanted to be Olivia Newton John in Xanadu…enough said.   But in all reality, obviously I have given the “what do I want to be when I grow up?” question a lot of thought over the years.    I was never someone who KNEW early on… and I love that it is still evolving.

In fact, the answer was never quite clear to me.  I went and got my MSW, became a social worker, and then became a pr guru and social media consultant.   I have worked with kids and animals and people my whole life.   Now I am venturing into a the world of social media pr and events.   Although I do not know specifically where I will end up  when I “grow up”, I do know I am enjoying the journey of figuring it out.

When I was 15, my father gave me a cartoon clipping he cut out of his New Yorker.  I don’t exactly remember what the drawing on it was, but I do remember what the caption said, “When I grow up, all I want is to be happy”.

That quote captures my quest and really became a part of me.    Ah- if only all was always all good and happy… Like if everything went back to ‘normal’ at the end of every sixty minutes like it always did on every episode of the Brady Bunch!   For so many years I believed life was supposed to go back to ‘normal’ and that tv was reality…

What I have learned in my quest to discover who I am professionally and personally is that I am a strong believer in living and feeling the good, the bad and the ugly.  We really only appreciate the real happiness because we have seen the dark side right?

Thanks dad for that clip.


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