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Since I have been doing freelance social media public relations as well as plain ol’ fashioned publicity, I have decided to take it a step further as of late.   I plan to do what I have been doing for my clients, for myself and grow my company/ site.   So be on the lookout and whether you are a stylist, a hotel, a chapstick company, a jewelry line, a bar, or a graphic designer, I can guarantee you that I will not only grow your business, but I will also Elevate Your Presence.

As I said in the previous post, because I am strategic and selective about who I choose to work with, I will add you to my list of clients only if I believe in your product / brand / name.   So if I believe in you, you know others will too.

Delicious DIRT.  5/09

Well, this week was quite a productive one.

I had been working on a PSA Wendy Diamond got me involved in promoting animal rescue when an idea I had for the Oprah website hit me.   I sought to put my friend Wendy Diamond, creator of Animal Fair magazine in touch with people at Oprah.  Wendy is a wonderful lover of animals and a passionate animal rescue leader.  Wendy also wrote several books- one of which she made into a movie.   I believe the title of which was “What a Lucky Dog!: How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs”.    Anyhow, unless you live in a cave, you know Oprah is a huge dog lover.  So, because Oprah’s website does not have a specific animal section (although they do have a lot of pet related articles in the relationships section), I presented my idea of them having a specific section solely dedicated to animals.  Everything and anything animal related would be suitable including a section by Wendy.

So, I spoke to a few contacts Oprah, I spoke with Wendy’s team, and they both seemed to love the ideas.   Last I heard they were connecting… so look for Wendy’s contributions to the soon!

safe_imagephpBy the way, Oprah is also a huge animal rescue supporter and she did just that a few months back when she adopted Sadie.   Go Oprah!!!    Check out how our very own PAWS CHICAGO made it on the cover of O Magazine this June!!

I am extremely passionate about animals – adopting many of my own- and a huge supporter of Paws.  In fact, this week, I was able to get several of my friends involved in Paws’ Beach Party this summer!   If you have not already, check it out and please participate.

Another project I have been working on as of late is an event for Alexi Giannoulias’ run for Obama’s senate seat.  We’re planning two events- one more intimate for financial big shots and the other, a large casual event involving some of Chicago’s own Second City actors. Details on the second event to come.

So, the month begins with a lot of goodness.

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