Elevate Your Presence is looking forward to tonight’s event – CS Modern Luxury‘s launch of Bird by Juicy Couture with exclusives from Cheeky Chicago, PopSugar, and The MidWasteland. Check it-

Attention Fashionistas! Don’t miss the Holiday Collection Launch of Bird by Juicy Couture! Wednesday…, October 27th from 6-8pm at Juicy Couture: 101 E. Oak Street.

Opening of Mastros was stellar.  The mega hit was jam packed with a sexy crowd and consistent mega amounts of gourmet food & cocktails!  Elaborate shellfish tower included shrimp, lobster, mussels, crab, steak, cakes, cheeses, lobster mashed potatoes, key lime pie, brownies, and so much more. Every bite was so exceptionally delicious that MBK even ate & LOVED red meat for the first time in 12 years tonight.

Elevate Your Presence Unbelievably inspiring day October 22nd, 2010 at Lynn Sage Fall Benefit! Rob Lowe was truly moving! Let’s find a cure for breast cancer today. Thank you Rob, your heart, your wit, your stories are much appreciated! And shout out to our MC Steff- you are talented & brave!

Elevate Your Presence could not love Elizabeth ‘Tina’ Fey any more than we already do! In The Huffington Post link below, watch as Tina recommends some of her favorite Chitown restaurants and gives big ups to Chicago Food Mafia classic the Athenian Room.


Delicious DIRT. 2010 USHMM Luncheon Kicked ASS

So excited for this year’s USHMM Luncheon 11/7/11. Museum supporters in Chicago will come together again 11/7/11 l for the annual Chicago Luncheon at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers.  The theme of this year’s luncheon is Truth or Denial: When Law and the Holocaust Meet. It will feature remarks by Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt, whose new book,The Eichmann Trial, explores the dramatic impact of survivors’ testimony on this landmark trial that occurred 50 years ago. Through her work and her personal experience as the target of a lawsuit by an outspoken Holocaust denier, Dr. Lipstadt has seen firsthand the Holocaust’s relevance in our world today.

Check out last year’s, 2010 luncheon did bits below…

MBK’s Twitter Feed re: the fabulous and important USHMM – United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Event October 2010

Molly Bett Kovler
mbkov Molly Bett Kovler
You’re welcome! What a day! RT @HolocaustMuseum @mbkov Thanks 4 photos frm http://ow.ly/2OdiH in Chicago, Molly! Hope 2 see more .

Rahm + Daley @ USHMM Lunch 2010 by MBK

mbkov Molly Bett Kovler
@mayorahmemanuel loved talking 2 u Monday @HolocaustMuseum with Frieda! Where can I volunteer? http://plixi.com/p/49126837

Frieda + Rahm by MBK

Molly Bett Kovler
mbkov Molly Bett Kovler
Slightly blurry but I loved talkin to current & future Chitown mayors today & seeing support 4 @HolocaustMuseum http://plixi.com/p/48766703
Molly Bett Kovler
mbkov Molly Bett Kovler
Words can never suffice, but Frieda-strong, wise, beautiful inside & out. I love you FW @HolocaustMuseum http://plixi.com/p/48766024
Molly Bett Kovler
Molly Bett Kovler
mbkov Molly Bett Kovler
Chi election season heating up. Feelin the fever! Loved talking to Rahm- Chitown’s next mayor @HolocaustMuseum http://plixi.com/p/48765509
Molly Bett Kovler
mbkov Molly Bett Kovler
Hope you consider joining our committee- Next Generation @HolocaustMuseum http://plixi.com/p/48765225

@mbkov @HolocaustMuseum: Amazing. Very jealous. Three very excellent and powerful people to have in the room.

Chicago Food Mafia via Elevate Your Presence is thrilled to see some of our favs – Salpicon, Mexique & Chef Rick Bayless‘s spots on Chicago magazine‘s Top 12 List of Best Mexican Restaurants! Check out more below via Eater Chicago.

Chicago Food Mafia News Flash via Elevate Your Presence: Chef Todd Stein leaving Cibo Matto to open the Florentine November 11th in Chicago’s JW Marriott hotel. For entire story and pictures see Eater Chicago.

Elevate Your Presence and Chicago Food Mafia are thrilled the Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef Ball raised $200,000 last week! Chefs from some of our favorite restaurants- The Purple Pig, Province, Girl & the Goat, Perennial, Avec and tons more participated in this annual awesome event. Read more about it here via Eater Chicago.

OPENING – Elevate Your Presence is happy to report that Mastro’s Restaurants is opening their Beverly Hills classic steakhouse in Chicago this friday in River North at 520 N. Dearborn. Stay tuned for all the Delicious Dirt.

Exciting News Flash- Chicago Food Mafia is thrilled Big Star Chicago is building an enclosed patio that will be open year round! The Mafioso and Elevate Your Presence might just need to go indulge in Big Star’s fabulous food, magical margaritas, tasty tostadas and fresh guacamole right now to celebrate!!

Tostada de Pescado: wood grilled basa, cucumber-onion spread, radish, cabbage, avocado. $3.

Tostada de Pescado: wood grilled basa, cucumber-onion spread, radish, cabbage, avocado. $3 @ Big Star


Chicago is certainly one of the most fabulous cities in the world- especially when it comes to food!!

Chicago Food Mafia Via Elevate Your Presence
Cant wait for some banging Bangers & Lace! Congrats to friends Jason Freiman and Nick Podesta! RT: Eater Chicago : Wicker Park’s Bangers & Lace opening within 2 weeks. http://t.co/BBU3Osj via Eater Chicago

Elevate Your Presence: Chicago Food Mafia & Elevate Your Presence are SO EXCITED for Boka Group / Kevin Boehm‘s newest addition to their award winning restaurant group slated to open in February 2011 in the former Tizi Melloul space: GT Fish & Oyster. Read all about it here via Eater Chicago

Chicago Food Mafia via Elevate Your Presence is thrilled to see some of our favs – Salpicon, Mexique & Chef Rick Bayless‘s spots on Chicago magazine‘s Top 12 List of Best Mexican Restaurants! Check out more below via Eater Chicago

Best post and uncovering of a story was my discovery of Ed Burns’ escapades in the Chi via Twitter!!!  By piecing together a bunch of tweets, Elevate Your Presence was able to break the below story first- before local media…

Elevate Your Presence has always loved Edward Burns. Brothers McMullen is pure genius! Burns was in Chicago Filmspotting while promoting Nice Guy Johnny (Comcast 10/26). Friday, when Crain’s Shia Kapos tweeted Burns, he replied he couldn’t get a table at Girl & the Goat & went to Giordanos. The mellow down-to-earth actor even replied to Girl & Goat owner Kevin Boehm sayin no worries & he’d be back next time. Delicious Dirt all around.

After the insanely amazing IPO Opening on Wednesday and hanging out with Chef Hoyte and Cece Segarra, I really thought the week had peaked.   Boy was I wrong.  That was only Wedneday!  OMG, what was I thinking?

Here’s what Elevate Your Presence had to say about it on Facebook-

Elevate Your Presence: Shaw’s Crab House Oyster Fest last night was killer. Chicago Food Mafia and Elevate Your Presence made killer appearances chowing down on delightful oysters, lobster rolls, catfish sandwiches, fried shrimp, and more…. Delicious all around.

So, details –  Friday brought Royster with the Oyster, Shaw’s Crab House’s 22nd annual oyster festival.  This was an all out street party filled with some of the best food.  Not kidding. Does eating two giant lobster rolls- enormous lobster rolls – and moaning with each bite tell you something?  That wasn’t even enough my loyal readers.  No, I then ate tons of crab claws, fried shrimp, catfish, and raw oysters galore.  The combination almost had me in a food coma, but somehow I managed to mix and mingle my way through the crowds.

I walked in and immediately was given the royal treatment.  Susie, (Shaw’s PR) gave us (me and my friend Allison) press passes and off we went with packets of Shaw’s money and smiles on our faces.  We were consistently introduced to media types and industry folk as we kibitzed with other party goers.

The vibe was relaxed yet happy.  The weather was cool yet not cold.  The food was hot and yet cold.  All I can say is after the festival, I was in an oyster coma for the first time ever and I loved every minute!

Elevate Your Presence November 3rd, 2010- Investment ideas “donated” by some of the brightest and most influential names in finance. Elevate Your Presence is beyond excited for Invest For Kids! Local charities such as Snow City Arts, Chicago Run, Scholarship Chicago, Kipp Charter School, and more will receive all donations. Great cause and recommended by MarketFolly and CME Group! Check it out below

Top Global Money Managers Will “Donate” Investment Advice

Elevate Your Presence REMINDER – Invest For Kids is November 3. Elevate Your Presence and CME Group highly recommend Chicago’s Investable Ideas Conference where you will hear from some of the most powerful influential financial experts of our time (all proceeds go to children’s charities). Check out MarketFolly‘s post on IFK below and hope to see you November 3rd. http://ow.ly/2VNMY

Invest For Kids: Chicago’s Investable Ideas Conference ~ market folly

VIDEO- Elevate Your Presence is proud to share the Invest For Kids video profiling our seven charity beneficiaries below. Snow City Arts, Scholarship Chicago, Chicago Run, are among the 7 wonderful organizations!! Hope to see you November 3, 2010 for a top notch day.

Elevate Your Presence HIGHLY recommends you join our newly launched Invest For Kids facebook page today and while you’re there, check out the latest posts!!!

I have to tell you loyal followers how fabulous tonight’s opening was!  IPO Restaurant‘s private opening at The W in Chicago simply put- killed it!  IPO, Initial Public Offering was certainly an Initial Public Opening fiesta to remember.

Opening of IPO Restaurant at The W in Chicago last night was phenomenal! Elevate Your Presence loved hanging with D.C. Crenshaw, Chef Trevor Hoyte, & James Goeke! Chef Hoyte’s food was delightfully delicious. Chicago Food Mafia hit the ground running with us! Jill Jellinek Katz‘s opening was a tremendous blowout with a killer live CeCe Segarra performance & a rad human vending machine!! Need we say more?

From the minute we got out of the cab, there was a Lady Gaga look alike dancer dancing on top of the awning on the W to blasting music outside.  Instant buzz in the air…  Walking in we were greeted by W and IPO staff who were on top of it all.   The downstairs was full and the crowd was sexy.

We ate, we drank, we mingled, hung with CECE and Chef Hoydt- a true honor, PR team Jill Katz and Lara Shipp.  My friend D.C. Crenshaw and his crew and I had a great conversation before we all went upstairs to the packed room where CeCe Segarra performed.   She’s hot and talented.  The vibe was intense and upbeat.  We danced, we laughed, we enjoyed every song.

After CeCe performed, her and I had a few minutes to chat.  She is going to make it big!  Talented, bright, gorgeous, energetic and oh, did I say talented?     This event got an A all around for look, feel, spirit and overall awesomeness.

Since going Facebook official, Elevate Your Presence, LLC has taken a turn.  It’s ironic actually.  I mean, I have been a huge social media advocate for two plus years now.  I have always been extremely technologically intrigued and captivated and yet, I waited so long for Elevate Your Presence to go live on social media networks.   I am now struggling with it only being one day of my Facebook / Twitter launch and having so few followers.  How does a social media expert have the right to sell herself if she has so little followers herself you ask?  The answer is two fold: on my personal page, I have 1250 plus friends on Facebook- most of which I am actually friends with.  The remainders are industry friends.  In truth, I have utilized Facebook for a few years now from a PR standpoint from my personal account.  Those of you who are true Facebook stalkers can see I have all my past events and clients on my wall, photo albums etc…

I mean, I have been concentrating so fully on my clients for so long, that I did not even attempt to promote my business!  Truthfully though, I have not needed to.  And I still don’t.  My doors are being knocked on at just the right pace and I could not be more thrilled to have acquired such fabulous varied clients.

Only time will tell and right now, the social media launch is exciting.  I love what I do and that’s why I do it.  My clients can really feel that and the synergy, when it’s there, man, that’s just spectacular!

Tonight I’m covering the opening of IPO at The W Hotel for Elevate Your Presence & Food Mafia.  Stay tuned for some Delicious Dirt!

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