After the insanely amazing IPO Opening on Wednesday and hanging out with Chef Hoyte and Cece Segarra, I really thought the week had peaked.   Boy was I wrong.  That was only Wedneday!  OMG, what was I thinking?

Here’s what Elevate Your Presence had to say about it on Facebook-

Elevate Your Presence: Shaw’s Crab House Oyster Fest last night was killer. Chicago Food Mafia and Elevate Your Presence made killer appearances chowing down on delightful oysters, lobster rolls, catfish sandwiches, fried shrimp, and more…. Delicious all around.

So, details –  Friday brought Royster with the Oyster, Shaw’s Crab House’s 22nd annual oyster festival.  This was an all out street party filled with some of the best food.  Not kidding. Does eating two giant lobster rolls- enormous lobster rolls – and moaning with each bite tell you something?  That wasn’t even enough my loyal readers.  No, I then ate tons of crab claws, fried shrimp, catfish, and raw oysters galore.  The combination almost had me in a food coma, but somehow I managed to mix and mingle my way through the crowds.

I walked in and immediately was given the royal treatment.  Susie, (Shaw’s PR) gave us (me and my friend Allison) press passes and off we went with packets of Shaw’s money and smiles on our faces.  We were consistently introduced to media types and industry folk as we kibitzed with other party goers.

The vibe was relaxed yet happy.  The weather was cool yet not cold.  The food was hot and yet cold.  All I can say is after the festival, I was in an oyster coma for the first time ever and I loved every minute!


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