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Last night, we dined at one of our favorites- Gilt Bar.  Believe us, we felt only pleasure, no remorse.

Mouths will water… taste buds will thank you. EVERY BITE is better than the next at Gilt Bar. Thank you Brendan Sodikoff, Love, Elevate Your Presence & Chicago Food Mafia.

Gilt Bar's Short Ribs

It truly does not get better than this mushroom truffle pasta Gilt Bar. Chicago Food Mafia can not get enough. Again, Brendan Sodikoff, we can’t wait to devour more…

Gilt Bar's Truffle Pasta

Banana split never hurt anyone… Chicago Food Mafia felt no guilt at Gilt Bar savoring every bite….

Banana Spilt at Gilt Bar

Can’t wait to actually get on Food Mafia?  Here’s something to ease your anticipation….Below is a preview of MBK’s Food Mafia review of Gilt Bar posted a bit ago.

I have to say I can not believe I waited so long to try Gilt. My reason was simple- all the other restaurants in that space (many), have gone under so fast I thought it might not be worth it. Man was I WRONG! Gilt Bar has instantly become a favorite, a go to, and a staple in my regular rotation! In fact, I had my birthday dinner there this week and literally wanted to go back the following night… The atmosphere is my definition of PERFECT. It’s dark, yet not pitch black, it’s classy, yet not uptight, it’s lounge like, yet not cheesy. Gilt Bar is literally the perfect date spot. I have not even gotten to the food- in one word- exceptional. I loved every single bite more than the next. Here is what we ate- paris mushroom & truffle pasta, ricotta gnocchi w/ sage & brown butter, parmesan crusted whitefish (super well done) w/ lemon, butter, capers, brussel sprouts w/ probably the best bacon ever, & warm milk chocolate chunk brownies w/ tons of whipped cream, hot caramel & chocolate sauces on the side. I can not wait to get back there and I give Gilt the highest recommendation possible! Maude’s Liquor – their sister spot, opened this week too and is stellar…Stay tuned for DIRT’s report on Maude’s.  Don’t forget to check out Gilt’s downstairs lounge. AMAZING


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