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RedHot Midnight Kiss Auditions…

The RedHot Midnight Kiss will be auditioning kissing couples LIVE June 2nd on NBC 5 News Morning Show between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM. Pucker Up!

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Delicious DIRT. Food Mafia FEED

Inside: Girl & the Goat, Tempo, Silver Cloud, Feast, 33 Club, Alinea, Bob San, D’Agostino’s, mk, Gibson’s, Toast, Bella Note, Wells Street Popcorn, Fifty/50, Il Molino, Topo Gigio, Hub 51, Boss Bar.

Originally posted 11/10 in Food Mafia’s Feed.

This is my first official Delicious DIRT post for Food Mafia’s Feed and I could not be more thrilled.  EYP client, Food Mafia, is the sexiest concept online for food nerds like myself. Created by genius entrepreneur, Food Mafia CEO + ultimate Godfather Stacy Johnson, Food Mafia is literally a one of a kind restaurant review community.  In case you’ve been living in a cave and still don’t know all the sweet juice about Food Mafia, the bottom of this post has all the essential Delicious DIRT.  Check it and check out my Food Mafia profile here.

To give you a little background on me, I grew up in the city of Chicago and I literally eat my way through the city to this day. Eating is one of my top four favorite things in the universe. I am down for the fanciest joints such as Alinea, as well as biggest dives, Boss Bar. I love local hot spots, Girl & The Goat, as well as good old standby favorites, mk and best omelet and grilled cheese around the clock at Tempo.  CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Omelets As Big As Your Face @ Tempo

Just so you know, I’m not one of those girls who won’t eat either. I literally eat everything and anything I want from Mac and cheese at 33 Club (sadly now closed) to extra crispy cheese pizza at D’Agostino’s (best sauce ever) to the heavenly enormous strawberry shortcake at Gibsons.

Gibson's Strawberry Shortcake = #DeliciousDIRT

It’s scary actually.  I mean, I should be three hundred pounds based on how much I actually eat.  But, my philosophy on food (and life), is carpe diem.  Life is too too precious and short not to eat isn’t it?   So I love to devour my  favorites regularly.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of my go-to Chitown favorites.  Because I’m such a huge BRINNER fan, I’ll begin with a few of my brunch loves.  My MUST EATS.  Let me give you some sunshine and start with the perfect Eggs Benedict (no exaggeration here). I am so lucky because I found this heaven at three Chicago spots each so diverse in their atmosphere, yet so similar in their perfect eggs Benedict- Toast, Gibsons, 33 Club (please reopen).  All use just the right amount of butter on their English muffins and toast them to perfection so they’re crispy and stay crispy throughout the entire meal. Did I mention the eggs are cooked perfectly and are runny to the exact right degree?? This is a hard science to master and to find a place that’s consistently cooking their egg yolks perfectly runny enough, yet the whites are cooked through, that’s a real find and a definite rarity I cherish! And to find not one, not two, but three spots in Chicago that you can regularly depend on this perfection is simply awesome. I have to mention the meat at 33 Club as well. I am not generally a ham fan, but 33 has some ham! After not having bacon or ham of any kind for eleven years, 33 Club’s was so special and delicious from its smell alone that I had to dive in! And I did not regret it. The hollandaise sauce each restaurant uses is not too heavy either. Toast’s is light and creamy enough, Gibson’s is the exact right consistency that I could literally down a gallon, while 33′s, you might even need to ask for more! DELIGHTFUL.

Breakfast Burrito @ Silver Cloud = True #DeliciousDIRT

Next let me delve into one of my other breakfast favorites, breakfast burritos! Two of my favorite local spots, Silver Cloud and Feast are my absolute go-to’s. Feast’s breakfast burrito is filled with some of my all time favorite guacamole, sour cream, the right amount of smooth and yet not too rich re-fried beans, some of the best gooiest pepper jack cheese, perfect egg whites (you have to specify that part – which they do charge extra for- but it’s worth it) and a great pico de gallo. On the side of the Feast breakfast burrito comes perfectly crispy potatoes with the exact right amount of salt. YUM! If you want to skip the potatoes, you can get a side salad and the dressing is a to die for balsamic that blends so well with the burrito if you like to mix it up like I do.

Silver Cloud’s burrito is quite different, yet just as delish!

Silver Cloud Breakfast Burrito

Their burrito is ENORMOUS!  It’s filled with  luscious cheddar cheese, a ton of plain and cooked to perfection black beans, sour cream, guacamole, eggs (white for me again) and topped with tons of shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and heavenly potatoes.  The way Silver Cloud includes the cheese in the burrito itself is simply divine. They roll the cheese inside the shell so in every bite you get just the right amount of cheese.  This is heaven for a giant cheese freak like me!  I get this burrito, and just about everything I eat, well done.  YUM!

Next posts will include my favorite Chicago Mac and cheeses, the lightest, most succulent salmon jalapeño sashimi appetizer from Bob San, pulled organic chicken nachos from Hub 51, amaze donuts, Australian lobster tail from Gibsons, cheese popcorn from Wells Street Popcorn, two delicious devilish rigatonis in Chicago: a la vodka at Bella Note and “the pasta al Topo Gigio” at Topo Gigio (my favorite since I was sixteen), and more galore.

Organic Chicken Nachos @ Hub = AMAZE #DeliciousDIRT

Go surf Food Mafia and let me know your thoughts and recommendations. What do you love about Chicago restaurants? What are your go to brunch spots? Your favorite dishes? I encourage you to comment here, on our EYP Facebook page and on Food Mafia’s Facebook page on some of your delights! Can not wait to see what conversations transpire. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and seeing you get Elevated on Food Mafia!!

Delicious DIRT. Food Mafia

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Delicious DIRT. In Chef’s Hands – Food Therapy For The Soul Event NOT To Miss

Two of Chicago’s renowned Chefs, Chef Rodelio Aglibot + Chef Todd Stein have teamed up with Jeremy Dubin and Scott Crane, to co-found In Chef’s Hands with some of Chicago’s most influential food industry experts.  Their kick off event is June 14th at Old Town Social.

Stay tuned to Delicious DIRT for Scott’s guest post which is sure to captivate you.  You’ll read his words and taste his story and how he started food therapy programs in hospice situations.  Life changing. Pivotal.  Everlasting.   Thank you Scott for all you do and all the beauty you represent.  Cookbook ahead… We. Can. Not. Wait.

In Chef’s Hands – Food Therapy For Th
e Soul

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Kickoff and Specials Featuring Sustainable Local Produce

Chicagoans are invited to experience the best of the Midwest one week each month, May through September as Carnivale Executive Chef David Dworshak showcases seasonal ingredients from his favorite local farms.

The Farm to Table menu in May will feature locally grown products from Mick Klug Farms in Southwestern Michigan and Maple Creek Farm in Yale, Michigan.  The full Farm to Table schedule and information about each farm is available below.  Reservations recommended, not required.

Carnivale will partner with Goose Island for a Farm to Table Kick-Off Event on Wednesday, May 25 for a 6-course dinner with products from Mick Klug Farms and Maple Creek Farm expertly paired with an array of Goose Island beers for $55 per person.  The dinner will be hosted by Executive Chef David Dworshak and Goose Island’s Brewmaster.

WHEN: Kickoff Party with Goose Island: Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00 PM Farm to Table Week: Monday, May 23 – Sunday, May 29 COST: Kickoff Party: $55 per person


  • June 20-26: Seedling Fruit and Mint Creek Farm
  • July 18-24: Genesis Growers and Dietzler Farms
  • August 22-28: Kinnikinnick Farm and Slagel Family Farm
  • September 19-25: Three Sisters Garden and Capriole Farm

CARNIVALE 702 West Fulton Market Chicago IL 60661 312-850-5005

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Delicious DIRT. iPhone App You Need

Companion App to Hamburger America Book & Film “Burger GPS” for iPhone Now Available in the App Store

Find Great Burgers Anywhere in USA with George Motz’s New App Burger GPS

Never eat a mediocre hamburger again!  On your next road trip, you will not stop at a single generic chain selling burgers made from frozen hockey pucks. Hamburger expert (and author/director of the book/film Hamburger America) George Motz now brings you Burger GPS, his 1st mobile app (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch). Burger GPS pinpoints your location, and finds you the nearest Motz-approved burger joint, from over 1,800 different listings. Trust him, he’s eaten over 10,000 burgers in his lifetime. Burger GPS can be downloaded here for free.

The app has many great features, including:

  • Every joint listed serves burgers made from fresh meat. Never frozen.
  • Over 250 beautiful burger photos from George’s own collection
  • Most listings include George’s own Menu Picks
  • Share burger joints with friends with email & social tools
  • Keep a diary of favorites, past and future visits
  • Follow George’s Blog Posts

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    Delicious DIRT. Juicy Event Alert

    When was the last time you let yourself GO???  Literally being soaking wet, not giving one iota and just living in the moment is the Best. Feeling. Ever.  Dancing like no one sees you = our motto over here on the DIRT team.  Can you even remember the last time you danced like no one was watching, that you partied til the sun came up and sang at the top of your lungs?  The DIRT team HIGHLY recommends you let loose and get out June 2nd and DISAPPEAR HERE!  Feel the music. Dance Dance Dance.

    Heaven Malone - one of our all time favorite DJ’s is hosting a killer dancer party at Angels + Kings on June 2nd in the Chi!  Heaven is an all around wonderful man for whom we have utter appreciation.  He is not only a hard core jammin’ sexy DJ, but he is also a truly talented graphic designer with patience that could literally win Grammy’s!   After the Holocaust Museum event (that night 6-9), go dance your ass off and play (9-2am)!  Event info below.

    Disappear Here . Thursday, June 2nd. JHN RDN + Ian Saint Laurent (Hands & Knees, Philadelphia)

    6/2 Angels + Kings 9pm-2am, Disappear Here

    Inspired by the wanton writings of Bret Easton Ellis, in 2009 a new
    indie-electro dance party called “Disappear Here” formed in the sultry
    depths of Angels & Kings. Featuring the latest underground music by fresh,
    talented producers and DJs with the occasional celebrity thrown in for
    sacrifice, “Disappear Here” was known for it’s young riotous energy.

    From transforming the venue into a massive slumber party pillow fight with
    guest DJs SHE WANTS REVENGE, to an 8ft tall dancing robot, to packed
    surprise live performances, to a two floor packed LOLLAPALOOZA Launch
    Party featuring DANNY MASTERSON – “Disappear Here” never failed to

    Video from Hands & Knees, Philadelphia
    On Thursday, June 2nd – DISAPPEAR HERE returns featuring the DJs from
    Philadelphia’s most debaucherous dance party HANDS & KNEES – JHN RDN & Ian St. Laurent.  Get to Angels & Kings 230 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60601   9pm-2am  RSVP:   Resident DJ, Heaven Malone

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    Delicious DIRT. Kick Ass Beer Dinner

    You know we at Delicious DIRT love BBQ!!!  One of our favorites, Bucktown’s Lillie’s Q, is hosting a four course beer dinner tomorrow – May 24th.  Chef Charlie McKenna is phenomenal + award winning (winner Memphis-In-May World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest). Chef Charlie McKenna, aka the Southern BBQ MASTER, is now whipping out Bacon infused moonshine aka “MoonSWINE”.  Have you indulged? Check out their site + Food Mafia profile for more info!

    Courtesy of Lillie's Q

    Four-course Anderson Valley beer dinner Lillie’s Q

    5/24 6pm  Lillie’s Q will host a four-course beer featuring rare Anderson Valley Brewing Company brews starting at 6pm on Tuesday, May 24.  1856 W North Avenue, Chicago.

    Courtesy of Lillie's Q

    Courtesy of Lillie's Q

    No reservations accepted for the beer dinner and it’s served on a first come, first serve basis starting at 6pm… Get in while you can!   Lillie’s Q will also serve it’s regular a la carte menu on Tuesday, May 24 as well. View this event on Food Mafia here.

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    Delicious DIRT. Food Film Festival -> NYC + Chicago

    Inside:  Chef Brad Farmerie, NYC Food Film Festival,  Chicago Food Film Festival, George Motz, Hamburger America, PUBLIC, The Monday Room, Double Crown, Madam Geneva

    In celebration of National Hamburger Month (May 2011), Festival Director George Motz is releasing his 2nd book and 1st iPhone app, both titled Hamburger America. The app will lead users to the 1500+ Motz-Approved burger joints around the USA, which he considers the best of the 10,000+ hamburgers he’s tasted. It will also include George’s menu picks, little stories about each place, and feature hundreds of Motz’s own drool-inducing burger photographs. Check em out HERE. Motz’s award-winning film and book, ”Hamburger America”, were the original inspiration for the NYC Food Film Festival. To celebrate the film’s premiere, Motz and Festival co-creator Harry Hawk, served some of the burgers featured in the film to the crowd as they watched. The event was such a success that they decided to do it again and invited other chefs and filmmakers to participate. The rest is history. For more information regarding Hamburger America, visit

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    Delicious DIRT. Fundraiser –> United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


    THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 6 p.m.
    Museum Works Galleries
    222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1850

    A refugee from the genocide in Darfur. Chad, 2007. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Event Chairs
    Marla and Larry Gilbert, Jordan Goodman, Melissa Grund, and
    Emily Sachs Wong and Thad Wong

    “A memorial unresponsive to the future would violate the memory of the past.”

    —Elie Wiesel, Founding Museum Chairman  

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