Delicious DIRT. Only Pleasure: No Guilt At Gilt

Inside: Gilt Bar.

A True Fave We Crave.

One thing you already know about the DIRT Team is that we LOVE to eat.  We chow down regularly and do not hold back.  Life is too short and food tastes too damn good.  Not every resto is as drop dead delicious as Gilt Bar. #EveryBiteDelights. In case you need a reminder, our quickie Gilt Bar food porn below is sure to trigger you in ways you might not want to share…  Thank you Brendan Sodikoff. You created greatness we literally crave. Love, #DeliciousDIRT

Still #dreaming of the bolognese w/bucatini, charred tomato & parmesan @giltbar. Insanely flavorful & oh that crunch. #couldeatitDAILY #deliciousDIRT Photo by MBK

Does not get much better than this - @giltbar truffle mushroom Paris pasta. #deliciousDIRT Photo by MBK

Gilt's Pot Roast - gone for now folks! Will return in winter. Still a true fave of ours #deliciousDIRT Photo by MBK


Banana Spilt @ Gilt Bar Fulfills Dreams. Photo by MBK

Mac On The Mac

Pig Out. Get Your Taste On Delicious DIRT Style

Seafood Nerds REJOICE Over Fish Bar’s NEW Summer Menu

Aspen You Have Our Hearts. Food & Wine Festival

Lives Up To The Hype – Girl & The Goat

Delicious DIRT. Food N’ Booze by Hubie Greenwald For Food Mafia’s FEED

Hubie Greenwald Photo by MBK

Hubie Greenwald, Motel Bar owner, began his career in the restaurant industry in 1977 when he began working in the kitchen of Salvatore’s Ristorante at the advanced age of 12.  He worked for the ridiculous sum of $1.25 per hour… Evidently, his Mom was not concerned about child labor laws…or his income. He toiled in the kitchen until 1985 when he moved to Seattle to attend college and discovered the joys of bartending and it is safe to assume liquor.

Hubie Speaks Motel for Delicious DIRT

Did You Know:

**Mondays at Motel we show movies on our patio… listings as well as almost anything else you want to know about The Motel Bar

**Tuesdays at Motel we offer an event called BeersCool on the last Tuesday of every month), can be found on our website

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Delicious DIRT for Food Mafia’s Feed. Taste of Chicago 2011 Begins

Pig Out. Get Your Taste On Delicious DIRT Style

Courtesy of

There’s an app for that –> obviously in 2011 you know there’s a Taste of Chicago App. This is a MUST download for all you Food Mafia members.  Be aware however, signals in the midst of the Taste jungle might be low… Patience food nerds… deep breaths.  We suggest you review the app in advance to maximize all.   CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Taste iPhone App. Photo by Apple

Taste of Chicago 2011 started in Grant Park folks! Can you believe it’s that time?  Wasn’t it last week we were wearing winter coats?  The Taste runs until July 3rd so get your grub on soon. Hard.  Unless you avoid it like the plague like many of us city folk.  But, if you’re willing to deal with the crowds, go in with an open mind and see what happens while you gorge yourself at this mecca of food festivals.  You might just stumble into a P Funk concert in the middle of it all like we did summer 1995 after riding to Grant Park on our tandem bike… Ah, #theolddays.

George Clinton + P Funk. Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Some find this festival one of the best things about summer in Chicago…while others find it the worst.  What makes it or breaks it for us?  The answer is a combo of the crew we roll with, the weather (Tom Skilling‘s classic), and the time of day.  HINT: get to the Taste mid day -> 2-4pm and not on a weekend. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE + almost taste ‘em.

Manny's Turkey Legs @ 2011 Taste by Manny's

Once inside, eat your way through with everything from Tuscany’s Italian Beef to Connie’s Deep Dish Pizza to Robinson’s ribs to Gold Coast Hot Dogs (Chicago Style).  Don’t forget the scrumptious BBQ Turkey Leg (above) from Manny’s Deli (if you can turn down their Corned Beef Sandwich or even better, tackle both).  By the way, Manny’s potato pancakes might actually #changeyourlife.

Manny's Courtesy of Manny's

The City of Chicago provides a list of all the food so you can map out your pig out in advance (or download the app + be ahead of the curve).  Stuff yourself silly on all of Chicago’s delicious DIRT.  Then, go ahead and chow down even more.  You’ll mac that snack as you listen to music + maybe even dance like no one’s watching.  Taste, while touristy, can be a hell of good time.

Smoke Daddy @ 2011 Rib Fest by Smoke Daddy

For us true Chicagoans there are a few Taste treats not to miss.  Experiencing everything from Vermillion to Smoke Daddy to Manny’s Deli to Lao Sze Chuan all in one place – well, that’s just delicious DIRT.  So crack your usual shell, try newbies and mix in some diversity this year.  Visit the Healthy Farmers Market Workshop this year. Healthy is the new crave after all!  We also suggest you also definitely get in on those chef demonstrations. This year – chef Tony Priolo of Piccolo Sogno, Jimmy Bannos, Giada De Laurentiis and oh so many more.  Plus, look out for Healthier Choices Icons this year on menu boards and app (see pic below).

Healthier Choice Highlight

Jimmy Bannos' + Scott Harris by Dough Boys

Jimmy Bannos + Scott Harris by Dough Boys

For those of you who simply need to take down some good ol’ Chitown staples, there’s Eli’s Cheescake.  Either before or after all the savory foods, if you’re a fan of cheesecake, Eli’s can be damn fine.  Of course, we still can NOT resist a Garrett’s Chicago Mix with a (slightly) shorter line than in stores. There’s also Billy Goat Tavern’s SNL-famous Cheezborger Cheezborger. We’re psyched to try Vermillion’s offerings at the taste this year.  Some of our secret Taste favorites are Dominicks Watermelon Slices + O’Brien’s Celtic Corn on the Cob.  Both so simple + oh so delicious.

Billy Goat Booth @ Taste by Buffalo Chow

One Chitown notable missing this year at the Taste is Ann Sather.  Their famous homemade cinnamon rolls are IMPOSSIBLE to resist (see pic below).  So, after gorging yourselves, remember, Ann Sather’s brunch is now mandatory this summer.

Courtesy of Natalie Neusch

Get Your Taste On.  Don’t Hold Back. Life Is Short. Hedonism Is Good.

Carpe Diem. Photo by

Nuf' Said

Delicious DIRT. Juice We Love. NEW Edibles at FISH BAR

Inside: Fish Bar’s Summer Fishing Report Starting Tuesday, June 28th, Menu Additions

Seafood Nerds REJOICE Over Fish Bar’s NEW Summer Menu


Cortes Island Oysters by Fish Bar

“Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.” – Mark Twain

6/28Fish Bars new SUMMER MENU of #fresh #sustainable #delicious seafood launches 6/28.  All you seafood nerds like us, know this goodness will be luring in customers consistently, so get in while you can -> daily from 11 until midnight.  Get your #deliciousDIRT chowing down on their #summerfresh ceviche’s and tartare’s!

Salmon Carpaccio, Lobster Roll + Octopus A La Plancha = True Delicious DIRT @ Fish Bar Photo by MBK

Fish Bar caught a taste for chilled Lobster Gazpacho with tomato, cucumber and a whisper of spice, and let go Lobster Bisque until the leaves turn rust and scarlet.  Summer ceviches are made with tomato, jicama, Serrano chile, avocado, and lime; and tartares are made with cucumber, red onion, cayenne and dill.  Fish Bar also reeled in a new Tuna salad with avocado, celery and capers.  Fish Bar’s black board specials will continue to change often based on sustainability reports, weather conditions and mood rings.

Michael Kornick, Fish Bar Photo by MBK

Fish Bar is also no longer docking from 3pm – 4:30.  Beginning Tuesday, June 28th, Fish Bar will be sailing from 11am – midnight without interruption.

Delicious DIRT. Events This Week To Wet Your Palate. More Ahead.

Inside: Dos Diablos, Don Julio, Citizen Bar, Jennifer Olvera, Barnes & Noble, Food Lovers’ Guide to Chicago, Chef Rick Bayless, Paul Kahan, Green City Market, Dank- haus, Food the Dole, chef Hugh Amano, El Coto de Rioja Paella Parade, Millennium Park, Frontier Chicago

6/21 Now that it’s FINALLY starting to feel like #summer in Chicago, Citizen bar is inviting everyone to bask in the rays on their #lovelypatio.  Starting at 6 PM double-fist your two free cocktails and mac on some apps.  Just $15  + will sell out. More info here. 364 W Erie St Chicago, IL

Frontier's Oysters Courtesy of Frontier, Click this picture to TRULY FEEL IT.

6/21 Oysters lead to lovin’… Dont we know… Frontier’s 2$ Tuesdays. We adore anything for 2$ especially when it comes from greatness. Frontier invites Chicagoans to enjoy their $2 Tuesdays, available every Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 1:30 AM. Tuesday specials will feature items such as select half-pints, oysters, deviled eggs and tacos, all for $2 each. 1072 North Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

6/21 We like to read, we like to eat, reading about eating? #fantastic Jennifer Olvera will be signing her book Food Lovers’ Guide to Chicago at Barnes & Noble. Best part?  Get the #deliciousDIRT on ChiFests + ChiChefs like chef Rick Bayless and Paul Kahan.   More info here. : 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL

6/22 After hitting up Wednesdays #greencitymarket, get more of your local on with a locavore meal and docu film screening at DANK-haus in Ravenswood.  Meal and flick = $30 and just $10 for the youngins’.  More info here. 4740 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL

6/22 Winter = stews.  Summer = seafood.  Join Food on the Dole chef Hugh Amano for a repeat of the awesome #SeafoodSalon.  Bring white wine, throw back oysters, then chow down on whatever Chef Amano cooks up.  Tickets $60. Snatch ‘em up fast! More info here.

Courtesy of

6/23 We’re feeling like cha-chaing all the way to the El Coto de Rioja Paella ParadeTen chefs making paella?  AND #Rioja.  We’re going to rock this until our lips turn purple. Best part?  10% of the $35 ticket goes to fight world hunger.  Still not sold, it’s at the Millennium Park Rooftop.  Catch those rays on the day after the longest day of the year and see our #famousBEAN. 205 East Randolph Street Chicago, IL

6/23 One YEAR Anniversary FIESTA at Dos Diablos!  7-9pm.  Come celebrate with Dos Diablos as they host their one year – still can not believe it’s been one whole year – anniversary bash!  Salsa dancing, mariachis, pinatas and all the DON JULIO you can gulp! Kiss Miguel for us and you get extra brownie points.  15 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 

Dos Diablos Chocolate Tamali = #deliciousDIRT, Courtesy of DD

Delicious DIRT. Aspen Food & Wine Recap

Aspen Food & Wine Festival (#FWASPEN) celebrated its 30th anniversary last weekend. Sadly the DIRT team did not make it to our home away from home this year. We #crave Aspen in the summer –> not a lot better. Perfectly sunny, warm and with NO humidity ->> Great. Hair. Days.  

Courtesy of Food & Wine Aspen, CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE - You will smile

#FWASPEN fest has been publicized as one of the prizes for each season’s Top Chef.  This year, food nerds and cuisine celebrities alike gathered in Aspen + indulged on tons of tasty tidbits and luscious libations.  Chicago’s own Stephanie Izard won top dish honors at the Best New Chef party with her goat sausage, which we down regularly at FAVE we CRAVE – Girl & the Goat. Another Chicago chef, Ryan Poli got his preview on as he showed what greatness Tavernita plans to bust out this summer.

Courtesy of Food & Wine Aspen

Get your swine on! The festival also hosted the finals for the Cochon 555 where chefs craft a menu utilizing an entire heritage pig. This year’s winners were Chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart of ZaZu in Santa Rosa, California for their pork bun incorporating bits of tasty pork neck, head and heart.

Chef Ryan Poli @ #FWAspen, Courtesy of Tavernita

Courtesy of #FWAspen

Summer in Aspen, Courtesy of #FWAspen, CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE - You will smile

Winter Aspen = Gorgeous, Photo by MBK, CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE - A MUST

Aspen Comedy Fest -> WE MISS YOU. BRING IT BACK. Photo by MBK

Check out Stephanie Izard's People's Choice winning dish at the Food & Wine Best New Chef dinner in Aspen. Goat sausage in an XO broth. Photo by Girl + Goat. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

For more #deliciousDIRT on the Festival including pics from inside the Grand Tasting tent and a recap of the Cochon finals check out the links below:

Best of #FWAspen in Aspen Skollie Magazine

Inside the Aspen Tasting Tents with Yum Sugar

Aspen recap with GrubStreet

Dishes from the Grand Cochon

An intense day in the life of Food & Wine magazine’s restaurant editor Kate Krader

Delicious DIRT. Girl + The Goat = Fave We CRAVE. LOVE

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re familiar with the Goat.  Just in case you missed this scrumptious post, we thought you might want to get your palate WET (originally appeared on DD in January 2011). Thank you to friends Kevin, Rob + Gary for such fab nights as always.

Sneak Preview of our Elevate Your Presence #deliciousDIRTy dinner at Girl & the Goat below. These oysters simply left us ordering more and more and more! Have you tried them yet? A MUST!


Photo by MBK

Fried Tauton Bay Oysters @ Girl & The Goat with egg salad and a divine sauce with capers! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM does not even describe it.

What a beautiful dish! We love the chickpea fritters at Girl & the Goat. Have you tried em? You MUST!

Photo by MBK

Chickpea Fritters at Girl & The Goat with romesco, hazelnut hummus, sesame, goat feta. AMAZE and a definite FAVORITE

Simply divine! Craving more of Girl & the Goat‘s stellar squash ravioli right now! Elevate Your Presence thanks Kevin Boehm, the entire Boka Grp, & Stephanie Izard for such a wonderful #deliciousDIRT dinner.  Can not wait for more…

Girl & The Goat’s AMAZING kambocha squash ravioli with mushroom raisin ragout, brussel leaves and shroom creme fraiche. Could eat this every single night.

Goat @ The Goat by MBK

Sauteed Green Beans with a fish sauce vinaigrette and cashews- Girl & The Goat- YUMMMMMMMMM. Photo by MBK

Sauteed Skate with a yellowfin-salsify salad, blood orange, spiced hazelnuts at Girl & The Goat. SIMPLE PERFECTION. Photo by MBK

Hiramasa Crudo @Girl & The Goat with crisp pork belly with aji aioli and caperberries as well. DIVINE, Photo by MBK

Sauteed Green Beans with a fish sauce vinaigrette and cashews- Girl & The Goat- YUMMMMMMMMM. Photo by MBK

Goat Pork and Veal SUGO at Girl & The Goat with pappardelle, rosemary, and cape goose berries. Sauteed Green Beans with a fish sauce vinaigrette and cashews - both are FAVORITES- Heavenly. Photo by MBK

Delicious DIRT. Toasty Tuesday Events

Inside: Contextos, Salud, Old Town Social, In Chef’s Hands

In Chef’s Hands – Food Therapy For The Soul Event NOT To Miss

Read more

Delicious DIRT’s Exclusive Interview With Michael Kornick

Wanna get ELEVATED? Now you’re in luck because Delicious DIRT is beginning our series of flavorful interviews exclusives.  We’re getting up close and personal with some of our favorite big shots.  You’ll read it, you’ll watch it, you’ll hear it and if you’re lucky, you might even taste it.  By now you know we love flavorful JUICE as we’re huge food nerds.  Stay tuned as we serve up much Delicious DIRTFOOD MAFIA style!

The DIRT Team could not be more grateful for Chef Michael Kornick.  As you know, MK is executive chef + partner in mk, DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar and partner in N9NE Group Vegas.  MK is not only a genius conscious chef, he is also a passionate family man who cares deeply about family, friends, dogs, community, politics, giving back, sustainable food / wine  + oh so much more.

A true Chicago man through and through, MK is an interesting and articulate dedicated chef who goes above and beyond to support local sustainable treasures more than most.  His culinary philosophy centers around serving locally produced conscious foods and wines.  Thank you for being you MK! Below, get to know this big shot as we go inside the mind of the man behind some of our all time #favorite meals.

President Obama + Lisa & Michael Kornick @ mk, Photo by Todd Bannor

Did You Know? Juice We LOVE:

**This spring, MK hosted Obama’s kick-off to the 2012 election campaign at mk the restaurant. His resto was chosen to hold the DNC’s first key fund-raising dinner for the 2012 Obama Democratic National Committee campaign.  AMAZE.  At $35,800 a plate, the event sold out at 50 people and served only sustainably produced food and wine.  Kornick told us, “President Obama asked how we’ve been, chatted a bit and kissed Lisa hello.  Truthfully, I thought that was the end for her.”  LOVE it. The Kornicks were avid on the campaign trail in ’08 and told the President, “We’ll be back out on the street to campaign with the kids again this time around.” GO BO!

**MK also sponsored a night at last year’s SOLD OUT 1st Annual Chicago Food Film Festival where he helped serve what you saw on the screen! DMK Burgers for all!  Don’t miss the 2011 NYC + Chi Food Film Fests this fall where you can TASTE WHAT YOU SEE ON THE SCREEN. MK might even bring some Fish Bar action in this time around. You. Never. Know.  Stay tuned…

**Heads up: Toque is Sept 8th.  This important culinary event raises money for Children’s Oncology Services (life changing important organization + past Invest For Kids recipient).  Chef Kornick is the chef chair of Toque which raises funds to send children with cancer to summer camp -> Camp One Step.  Toque’s success  helps children with pediatric cancer to just be kids by sending them to one of their camp.  Get to Toque + give back while enjoying delectable dishes created by Stephanie Izard, Michael Kornick, Mindy Segal, Mark Steuer, Graham Elliot Bowles,  and many more of your favorite Chicago chefs! Other Toque participating chefs include but are not limited to: Erick Williams (MK), Tony Galzin (MK), Chris Pandel (The Bristol), Cleetus Friedman (City Provisions), Frank Brunacci (Sixteen), Ryan Pitts (RL).

Food Mafia Godfathers Michael Kornick + Hubie Greenwald @ Food Mafia Video Shoot, Photo by MBK

Thankfully, Michael Kornick himself was kind enough to let Delicious DIRT inside his heart and mind (BELOW).  And what a pleasure!  CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Delicious DIRT (DD): How do you like & dress your Chicago hot dog?
Michael Kornick (MK):
Everything “Chicago Style” = mustard, onions, relish, dill pickle, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt, 9 to 1 natural casing steamed never grilled, poppy-seed bun. 
Where from?
Wiener’s Circle, Gold Coast Dogs and for simple tradition Gene and Judes.

Fried Lemon Rings @ Fish Bar = #DeliciousDIRT, Photo by MBK

DD: How do you like your pizza (thin, thick & what toppings)?  Where From?
: Top 4. Thin only, in Chicago, Great Lake, Piece, Ranaldi’s, Giggios (Evanston) in NYC, John’s on Bleeker, Patsy’s in Harlem, Co. on 23rd and 9th. In L.A. Pizzaria Mozze, In Las Vegas, Nove Italiano and I am almost considering going to Arizona for Pizza Bianco.

MK on set @ Food Mafia Video Shoot, Landmark, Photo by MBK

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Delicious DIRT. Juice We LOVE: Ribs

Inside: Ribs, Ribfest Chicago

Unlimited RUBS…We mean dry rubs…Ooh, that didn’t sound good either. Endless dry rub ribs @RibfestChicago 6/10-12!  BBQ + Ribs so good they’ll make you wanna rub one out @Ribfest Chicago.  Take down all the BBQ + ribs you can eat @Elevate Your Presence fave RibFest Chicago.   PURE #deliciousDIRT

Tons of participating restos + bars we love with live music you can pig out to. Get your PIG ON at Ribfest Chicago!   CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Photo by Ribfest Chicago


Photo by Ribfest Chicago

Photo by Ribfest Chicago

Ribfest Details: June 10, 11, 12

Lincoln/Irving Park/Damen, Chicago, IL 60618
Fri: 6/10 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat +Sun: 6/11/12 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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