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Delicious DIRT Quickie Inside Chicago Cut’s Kitchen on Food Mafia’s Feed

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at some of the country’s sexiest, busiest and top notch restaurants?  Wonder. No. More.

Delicious DIRT’s new series, Kitchen Insider, will answer all of your questions and then some.  Like our elevated interviews?  True food nerds like us simply can’t get enough food porn.  They don’t call us food geeks for nothing folks.  You’ll love going where all the action happens: inside premier kitchens like Chicago Cut, Girl & The Goat, Tiny Lounge, Frontier Chicago, Perennial Virant, Avenues, The Motel Bar, Table 52 and more. You’ll be so close you’ll feel it, you’ll almost taste it and either way, you’ll most definitely crave it.  Watch it, read it, hear it, and eat it.

Want more DIRT? Sitting on a hot scoop? Hoping we cover one of your hidden gems?  Have questions for your favorite chefs / restaurateurs?  We’ll hook you up. Email us at and you might just get lucky on Feed.

This time, we took an extensive look at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. Because we know you’re just dying to see some juice, we wanted to bring you goodness right away…Hence, the quickie below: Delicious DIRT gets an exclusive look inside Chicago Cut’s kitchen. Because there’s just oh so much we love at C Cut, we are bringing you a three part series on Food Mafia‘s Feed.

Part 1: Delicious DIRT’s Kitchen Insider at Chicago Cut
Part 2: Delicious DIRT’s Food Porn Satiates at Chicago Cut
Part 3: Delicious DIRT’s Behind the Scenes as Chef Jackie Shen makes her famous chocolate bag.

Stay tuned for a complete look at Chicago Cut with Delicious DIRT exclusives from Chef Jackie Shen as well as owners David Flom and Matt Moore.  Thanks to friends David + Matt and the entire staff for being so gracious, so generous and just so delicious.

Delicious DIRT Goes Inside Chicago Cut’s Kitchen.

Behind The Scenes at Chicago Cut – A Quickie from Delicious DIRT.
Pictures speak a million words. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Inside Chicago Cut's Kitchen by MBK

Stations In Chicago Cut's Kitchen by MBK

All SMILES Inside Chicago Cut's Kitchen by MBK

Dry Rub Meat Locker by MBK

Fresh Maine Lobster on ICE by MBK

More Lobster on ICE by MBK

Beautiful by MBK



Serious Goodness by MBK


Scoop by MBK

LOVE by MBK #healthyisthenewcrave

Hungry Yet?! by MBK

Dig In by MBK

We love you chefs! Smiles @ C Cut



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