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Inside: Updated, Restaurant Recap, Frontier Chicago, MBK’s Food Mafia Review, $2 Tuesdays, Mac + Cheese, Oysters, Lotties Pub, The Pony, Chef Brian Jupiter, Whole Animal Service.
Swoon over swine? Check Frontier’s 247 pound pig from Butcher + Larder at 2011 Chicago Food Film Festival’s pig roast here.

Poor Little Piggy @ Frontier

Delicious DIRT was among the lucky few to sample oysters galore + mac + cheese (5 cheese) at Frontier Chicago‘s opening night last winter. The boys, our friends, behind Lotties Pub and The Pony really brought it when they opened this newbie!

Frontier is a chill restaurant / sports bar (24 flat screens) with a SWEET menu + extensive drink list. The crowd is usually pretty low key and unpretentious. Atmosphere is casual, wooden, rustic and calming. Don’t forget to head upstairs as well…

Frontier's Mac by MBK

Frontier is an eatery that will most likely end up in your regular rotation – it’s def in ours – kitchen OPEN TIL 1AM FOLKS. On MBK’s palate most nights she’s there –> red wine, oysters and 5 cheese Mac & Cheese… all of which SHINE brightly!

Frontier's Oysters by MBK

Wanna PIG OUT? Get your swine on bc they do whole animal service too.. for the meat LOVER in you… Literally, hottie Chef Brian Jupiter will roast an entire pig, lamb, goat and or wild boar for you and your friends to PIG OUT on. Great idea for a party…

Smiling Piggy. Whole Animal Service @ Frontier


Faves: Frontier’s oyster sampler, 5 cheese Mac & Cheese, DELIGHTFUL.

Juice You Must Know:

Frontier’s 2$ Tuesdays! We love anything for 2$ especially when it comes from greatness. Frontier invites Chicagoans to enjoy their $2 Tuesdays, available every Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 1:30 AM. Tuesday specials will feature items such as select half-pints, oysters, deviled eggs and tacos, all for $2 each. 


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