Delicious DIRT. Events Weekly. Party Like It’s 1999. Oh WAIT -> 2012

DMK Burger Bar by Jonathan Tam

Inside:  Mike Young, Zanies, Foodease, Chicago Cultural Center, The Gage, A Christmas Story, The Musical!, The Comedy Bar, Kyle Lane, Portillo’s,Hub 51, Public House, Roka Akor, Hideout, MCA, Ice Skate in the John Hancock Building, Signature Room, Monday Night Live, Petterino’s, Iron St Farm, MCA Chicago   

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Delicious DIRT. Events Weekly.

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies w Butterscotch Caramel Sauce. Courtesy of EverydayAppetite

Inside: Events Weekly, French Pastry School, Chen’s Chinese and Sushi, Marigold Indian Restaurant, Holiday Party for a Cause, Care for Real, The Southern’s Winter Bourbon Dinner, Maker’s 46, Knob Creek, Chef Paul Morrison, Zed451, Chef Patrick Justice, Public House, Date Night Heroes in Ugly Sweaters, Kenmore Live Studio, The Publican, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Season’s Eatings: Artisan Food Market, Katherin Anne Confections, Ingram’s Jam & Bread, Feast of the Seven Seas, Clandestino, Mexican themed dinner, A Christmas Carol, The Goodman Theatre, State & Lake, In Fine Spirits, Resonance Wine + Spirits, Koval, City Olive, Mess Hall + Co.

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Delicious DIRT Recaps Chicago Food Film Festival 2011. Part 1 =Farm To Film To Table Night + A 247 LB Pig Roast @FoodFilmFest.

Poster Art By Mac Premo

Missed it? Feel it as you let your mind stroll inside the world of the 2011 Chicago Food Film Festival complete with a **massive slideshow** from three photographers’ perspectives below. Click one photo below + get on the bus.

Chicago Food Film Fest: Self-explanatory? Not so much. This festival ain’t your mama’s bag of buttered popcorn and rom-com. Food Film Fest = sold out weekend long party with wonderfully curated Chitown edibles and a crowd so hot we wanted to mac on them. Hey, you can’t blame us, this crowd was as sexy as the food porn on Festival screens. ChiFFF was most definitely a tall order. Everyone rocked it Friday through Sunday taking down mind blowing eats, luscious cocktails, and fab films. Chi Food Film Fest goers showed our many NYC pals how it’s done…Chicago style. Many thanks to Kendall College for hosting and reminding us just how fun college really is.

Below is Part 1 of 3 of our breakdown of the weekend complete with a photo ***slideshow*** from three photographers. Yup. So much love from the photogs. #Grateful. Stay tuned for Part 2 -> Edible Adventure Brunch @ Intelligentsia w Doughnut Vault, Danny Macaroons and mas + Part 3, The Great Chicago Shuck + Suck + Awards Brunch. Oh so much #DeliciousDIRT. We’re already craving next year. Much much much LOVE + mad respect to the entire Food Film Fest crew who shine so brightly, who kick serious ass and have hearts of gold.

Friday night = Farm To Film To Table + After Party 247 lbs Pig Roast. ***Photo Tour ***Slideshow*** & Mas below

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Delicious DIRT. Got Dosed. Part 1

Pineapple skewers @ Dose From X-Marx by Nathan Michael

It’s safe to say we lost our Dose virginity today and man was it sweet. Our fave monthly market, curated by the hottie editors we love, kicked ass. Sadly we had not been to this blowout event sooner in the year, but it was so worth the wait + we are now getting dosed regularly. Literally, minds were blown, waistlines were shot, mouths were satiated. Oh, and that’s just the tip.

Luckily, we have a shitload of photos for you to see just how rad this food and fashion event actually was. More to come… For now, get DOSED below in Delicious DIRT’s Part 1 of 2.  Need more info on a specific photo? Please email us @ 

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Delicious DIRT. One of One Jewelry Blows Minds. Ooohlaalaaaa

One Of One Jewelry

It’s fair to say we got DOSED hardcore. AND WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  Part 1 of  our full recap + photo tour on Dose’s HoliDose here

One of the best parts of getting Dosed was One of One. Delicious DIRT favorite rockin’ sex pot jeweler Sam Goldberg brought her line, One of One Jewelry to Dose Market for their HoliDose December event. Literally, it’s safe to say if our eyes could have orgasms, they’d have had multiple… We’re beyond excited to rock these chic edgy and oh so rad pieces on the daily.

Wanna get lucky? Check out our photo tour of One of One at Dose.  You’ll see tons of drop-dead gorgeous druzy necklaces, rings and more… Oh yea baby. Photos speak a million words…Need more info on a specific photo? Please email us @

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Delicious DIRT. Chicago Food Film Fest 2011 Sneak Peek on ABC 7 Chicago with George Motz + Seth Unger

ChiFFF Shuck + Suck by Marc Klutznick

As you know, we particularly love to show off the edibles from both Chicago + NYC Food Film Festivals.  The segment below from ABC 7 News in Chicago has a lot of flavor folks:

Check out more great Food Film Fest press and reviews coming out of Chicago (ABC, NBC, Eater, Delicious DIRTSerious Eats, Huffington Post, Food Mafia, just to name a few) by visiting the Food Film Festival press page.

We know, we know… the Festival first being called Borderline Genius by The New Yorker, now all this great press out of Chicago…we promise to keep our egos in check…sort of.

Much gratitude to Nicole!!! #Wood

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