Delicious DIRT Recaps Chicago Food Film Festival 2011. Part 1 =Farm To Film To Table Night + A 247 LB Pig Roast @FoodFilmFest.

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Missed it? Feel it as you let your mind stroll inside the world of the 2011 Chicago Food Film Festival complete with a **massive slideshow** from three photographers’ perspectives below. Click one photo below + get on the bus.

Chicago Food Film Fest: Self-explanatory? Not so much. This festival ain’t your mama’s bag of buttered popcorn and rom-com. Food Film Fest = sold out weekend long party with wonderfully curated Chitown edibles and a crowd so hot we wanted to mac on them. Hey, you can’t blame us, this crowd was as sexy as the food porn on Festival screens. ChiFFF was most definitely a tall order. Everyone rocked it Friday through Sunday taking down mind blowing eats, luscious cocktails, and fab films. Chi Food Film Fest goers showed our many NYC pals how it’s done…Chicago style. Many thanks to Kendall College for hosting and reminding us just how fun college really is.

Below is Part 1 of 3 of our breakdown of the weekend complete with a photo ***slideshow*** from three photographers. Yup. So much love from the photogs. #Grateful. Stay tuned for Part 2 -> Edible Adventure Brunch @ Intelligentsia w Doughnut Vault, Danny Macaroons and mas + Part 3, The Great Chicago Shuck + Suck + Awards Brunch. Oh so much #DeliciousDIRT. We’re already craving next year. Much much much LOVE + mad respect to the entire Food Film Fest crew who shine so brightly, who kick serious ass and have hearts of gold.

Friday night = Farm To Film To Table + After Party 247 lbs Pig Roast. ***Photo Tour ***Slideshow*** & Mas below

Local Opportunavores united at Friday night’s Farm To Film To Table event, a true shout-out to the amazing local farms + farmers that source ingredients for the delights we all devour. Pleasant House Bakery represented hardcore showing us that locally grown doesn’t mean rabbit kibble. Genius breakfast food/bar snack, Scotch eggs, exploded with deep-fried sausage and eggy goodness while bangers and mash made sausage the new fork. Kendall College’s demo kitchen was THE glam backdrop for pre-film schmoozing and boozing featuring local winos Lush, Argyle Beer, beer mixologist hottie NYC-er Rev Dave Ciancio, and Kendall’s own badass cocktail mixologist Angie Jackson with sex in a bottle Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale as our must have not-so virgin option.

The party didn’t stop with film credits. We lined our stomachs for the after party with Hoosier Mama Pies we LOVE, Fannie May’s new Artisan chocolates and Cruze Farm’s buttermilk ice cream bar served by smokin’ checker-clad farm chicks (and of course Fest beneficiary Good Food Project’s addictive apple spirals). The after party moved downstairs, where Frontier’s Chef Brian JupiterButcher & Larder’s Rob Levitt hooked us up with 247 lbs of swine -> spit-roasted and dressed only with pickin’ tongs. Whiskey with slammin down and out right mind blowing mac + cheese flowed freely thanks to The Southern.

Missed out? No worries— @FoodFilmFest is an annual event guys. Avoid missing future juiciness by following our weekly event roundup here or catch us in real time on Twitter @ElevatePresence +

CLICK PHOTO BELOW TO BEGIN ***SLIDESHOW*** of @FoodFilmFest Night 1  –> FOOD PORN.  PART 2 + 3 SOON...

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  1. Wanda Cole on December 22nd, 2011 5:27 pm

    Kudos to all especially the mixologist Ms. Jackson! Great event, glad I was able to attend :-)

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