Delicious DIRT. Estate on the Riverfront, Chicago Brings Home the Nods, & Never Too Many Donuts

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Never Too Much of a GOOD THING: Do-Rite Donuts Opens in Loop

Bacon + Donuts = LOVE @DoRiteDonuts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! DONUTS ARE THE NEW CUPCAKES. We learned via Grub Street Chicago, that THIS morning @ 6:30 AM, Do-Rite Donuts opened in the Loop, attached to Petterino’s on Randolph. Francis Brennan and Jeff Mahin are the masterminds behind the latest addition to the doughnut line-up, bringing Lettuce Entertain You into the mix. And they’ve got some SERIOUS goodies in store: ranging from “gourmet” doughnuts (peanut butter + jelly + peanut better mousse topping) and “old-fashioned” cake doughnuts (topped with Tahitian vanilla or Valhrona chocolate) –> SO MUCH YUM. Definitely the next stop on our doughnut train. 50 W. Randolph.

NOW OPEN: Estate Ultra Bar is Rollin’ on the River

Peppadew Peppers by Estate Ultra Bar

Moving into some prime real-estate on the riverfront, Estate Ultra Bar is now open in River West.

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Delicious DIRT. March Is HERE. Lion Style. Events This Week Below

Farmhouse by Kate Bernot

DIRT Weekly Events Inside: The Bedford, School of Sip and Shuck, Goose Island, Beer Academy: Stouts & Porters, Little City Junior Board’s 3d Annual Food Frenzy, Coco Pazzo, Farmhouse, City Provisions, Chicago History Museum, Chicago’s Greatest Dive Bars, Seventh Annual Chiditarod, Greater Chicagoland Food Depository, Chicago Polar Plunge, Special Olympics, Elly’s Pancake House, Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap, Speak Easy Comedy, Morehouse College Glee Club, Harris Theater, Intelligentsia Coffee

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Delicious DIRT. We Already LOVE

NOW OPEN: Brendan Sodikoff’s Done It Again @ Au Cheval

Bolognese w/ bucatini, charred tomato & parmesan @ Gilt Bar by MBK

Our lovely friend and insanely talented hot restauranteur, Brendan Sodikoff, (Gilt Bar, Maude’s Liquor Bar, Doughnut Vault,) has added another eatery to his fantastic mouth-watering resume. TODAY, Au Cheval, his classic diner with a gastronomic touch, opened in Chicago’s West Loop.  We can hardly contain our excitement!  Au Cheval is a dinner / late night joint, but Sodikoff hopes to eventually go 24 diner style.

This once gyro grease pit turned true beauty is not your typical diner folks…think more upscale local bordello you’ll want hit often (we already basically live at Gilt). The menu houses traditional diner items (patty melt) as well as more intense elaborate dishes (smoked whitefish pasta). Au Cheval is stocked with a full bar (36 draft beers), an open kitchen, menu items like chilaquiles (we die), burgers, melts, king crab, chopped chicken liver (think Jewish deli), fried-bologna sandwich, peppered bacon steak with truffle jus w potato purée, and classic eggs.  If you have not already left any diner stereotype you had at the door, you will.  Au Cheval is quickly becoming our new fave we crave.

***BONUS: eat/drink/be merry at Au Cheval TODAY and TOMORROW (Wednesday 2/22 and Thursday 2/23) and proceeds will go to Bright Pink and Heshima Kenya. 800 W. Randolph.

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Delicious DIRT. We’ve got the DIRT on Tequila + Sauces 101, Four Season’s Allium, and Which Chicago Talent is on Top Chef

DIRT InsideCarnivale, Daryl Freeman, Casa Noble, David Dworshak, Allium, Four Seasons Chicago, Kevin Hickey, Takashi Yagihashi, Takashi, Slurping Turtle, Top Chef, Iron Chef America

JUICE ALERT: Takashi Yagihashi on Top Chef WEDNESDAY 2/22.

Takashi Cuisine, via Takashi Facebook

2/22 Wednesday 9:00 PM – URGENT JUICE NEWS: We love seeing local talent broadcasted on a NATIONAL level! Chicago’s own Takashi Yagihashi of Takashi and Slurping Turtle will be making an appearance on an episode of Bravo’s Top Chef Texas on Wednesday, February 22 @ 9pm (central time) – so set your DVRs! Watch for him in the Quickfire Challenge and check out a clip of the episode before you tune in. And if you think this will be Takashi Yagihashi’s 15 minutes of fame, you are SADLY mistaken! The chef will be also be COMPETING on Iron Chef America on April 1. Stay tuned for news of his competitor, but in the meantime, get your Takashi-fix on Top Chef.

Get Schooled: Tequila and Sauces 101 by Carnivale

Carnivale Ceviche by Daniel Zemans

Okay, so Carnivale University’s Winter Quarter is about to end! You know that means you better hurry up and get to class – no more skipping school! Last two sessions of the quarter are Tequila 101 and Sauces 101.

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Delicious DIRT. February: This Little Month Packs a BIG Punch.

Country Rib by The Publican

DIRT Weekly Events Inside: David Singer, Intonation Music Workshop, Uncommon Ground, Chicago Children’s Museum, In Flames, House of Blues, Trivium, Veil of Maya, Kyng, Tempo, Soup and Bread, Hideout, The Butcher’s Karma,, Uncommon Ground, The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chico & Rita, Xoco, Chicago Restaurant Week, Chicago WingFest, Ben Lee, Martyrs, Sola, The Bourgeois Pig, The TallGrass Writing Guild

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DeliciousDIRT. Gotta Have It: Deep Fried Gravy, Bill and Giuliana’s RPM, and the Mountain Lion

DeliciousDIRT Inside: Wiener and Still Champion, Deep Fried Gravy, Gus Paschalis, Chief Frying Officer, Evanston, RPM Italian, Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic, Melman Siblings, RJ Melman, Jerrod Melman, Molly Melman, River North, Doug Psaltis, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Apple, iMessage, Twitter, iChat, Flickr, Vimeo, Microsoft, Google

Did We Read That Correctly? DEEP FRIED GRAVY?!

Oozing Gravy Goodness @ Wiener and Still Champion

Yes, believe it. That is a DEEP FRIED patty of GRAVY on a burger. Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston has had this orgasmic item on it’s secret menu for about a year, but luckily for all of us FOOD PORN stars, it’s BACK and REVAMPED. CFO (you better believe that stands for Chief Frying Officer) Gus Paschalis says it’s all in the combo of chicken gravy and the special seasoned flour that makes this amazing oddity to heavenly. And get this: you can add it to ANY burger for only $1.50. As if this didn’t already feel like a dream enough, the patties of gravy cooked to order. Your first bite will = warm, gooey, oozing gravy goodness. Go. Now. 802 Dempster, Evanston.

OPENING SOON: RPM Italian -> Melmans + Rancics’ Eatery in River North

Soon-to-be Hotspot in River North, RPM by Bill Rancic

A 225-seater, 10,000-square-foot River North Italian hotspot called RPM Italian – from the Melman siblings (Hub 51, Paris Club) and the reality TV power couple themselves, Bill and Giuliana Rancic. Why you’ll LOVE it: Doug Psaltis is running the kitchen, light cooking + great ingredients + classic Italian, and an approachable, comfortable, food-sharing environment. We’ll even give you a HINT of what’s to come: brussel sprouts with spicy peppers, Roman-style artichoke, duck-misson fig ravioli, and wood-grilled whole branzino with Ligurian olive oil, capers, and oregano. Cocktails, too. We can’t wait to sing RPM’s praises. Watch for it at the end of the month. 52 W. Illinois.

Adios iChat, Aloha Twitter, Flickr & Vimeo: Apple Reveals Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Delicious DIRT.Much to LOVE: Tax-Free Shopping, Make Art W A Muse @ Floriole, Bistronimic’s New Cocktails, Pizza for a Cause

DIRT inside: Homemade Pizza Company, Snow City Arts, Invest for Kids, 900 North Michigan Shops, Michael Kors, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Mark Shale, Bistronomic, Bistronomic 75, Chef Martial Noguier, Floriole, Make Art W A Muse

ART + KIDS + FLORIOLE + President’s Day +No School = Make Art with A Muse

Floriole's Apple Fritter by MBK

A Muse Arts and our friend, the one and only truly talented hottie, Danielle Klinenberg aka Muse in Chief, host, “No School? Make Art with A Muse”, an art-making program on President’s Day 2/20. Catch this quick bit of Delicious DIRT?  Some of Danielle’s paintings were used in the Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston Chicago-filmed flick,“The Break-up” (Catch her sweet interview on Gaper’s Block here). SO, back to Monday’s awesome. Kids will design and create habitats and environments for animals, fantastical creatures, and or themselves in the cozy, sun-lit space of Floriole Café and Bakery. Mingle, sip coffee, and chill on your own time. Email for more info.

Takin’ the Tax Off: Shop Tax Free at 900 N. Michigan Shops

The 900 North Michigan Shops

We LOVE this time of the month. For the fourth year in a row, 900 North Michigan Shops bring TAX FREE shopping. Turning splurges into STEALS all weekend long.

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Delicious DIRT. Juice For You

NOW OPEN: Publican Quality Meats. Another Paul Kahan Masterpiece

Publican Quality Meats by Scott Manlin

Meet Your MEAT. Attention MEAT LOVERS: from the amazing Paul Kahan and One Off Hospitality (oh you know, Avec, Big Star, The Publican) we bring you the NOW OPENED Publican Quality Meats! And guess what? It’s located right across the street from one of our faves, The Publican. PQM is a complete quadruple threat -> a butcher shop, market, bakery, and cafe all in one. PQM offers whole animal service, house-made bread, house-smoked meats, and retail favorites like olive oils, dairy, eggs, jams.  Lucky buyers will also find local Delicious DIRT such as AMAZING Bill Kim‘s Belly sauces, sandwiches, house-made sausages, charcuterie, more scrumptious prepared foods, coffees (an Intelligentsia blend), and beers on tap. Get there 10 AM to 6 PM daily, with lunch beginning at 11 AM. 835 W. Fulton Market.

Our Search For Orgasmic Turkey Chili Continues As Luxbar Adds White Bean Turkey Chili To Their Menu. On Our List Of Hopeful Foodgasm Inducers.

Turkey Chili @ Luxbar

As most of you devoted Delicious DIRT readers know, we’ve been on a hardcore hunt for truly satisfying turkey chili all year. We’ve discovered that this find is almost as rare as mind blowing sex.

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Delicious DIRT. Oooohh La La

Fendi by MBK

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Delicious DIRT. Juice We Love

We’ve Got Wood Over Glazed and Infused

Courtesy of Doughnut Vault

We all know, doughnuts ARE the new cupcakes… It’s no secret, we LOVE doughnuts. Have not heard the stellar news for doughnut lovers in Chicago like us? We’re getting moooore. Glazed and Infused (genius name, by the way), the upcoming doughnut shop by our friend Scott Harris (um, can you say The Purple Pig + Francesca’s among tons more?), will be…wait for it… a total of three different doughnut shop locations. Adios, New Years Resolution, and hellooo doughy deliciousness. These newbies are sure to give Doughnut Vault a run for their money. Watch for Glazed and Infused at the corner of Halsted and Fulton Market in the West Loop, at a window on the Damen Avenue side of Francesca’s Forno in Wicker Park, and near the Armitage Brown Line stop in Lincoln Park. WHEW. So many doughnuts, so little time. Possible flavors include Milk Chocolate Malt, Crème Brûlée, and Coconut Crunch and coffee will be Intelligentsia. We’re sold.

Saying Farewell to Single-Living with BBq

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