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NOW OPEN: Publican Quality Meats. Another Paul Kahan Masterpiece

Publican Quality Meats by Scott Manlin

Meet Your MEAT. Attention MEAT LOVERS: from the amazing Paul Kahan and One Off Hospitality (oh you know, Avec, Big Star, The Publican) we bring you the NOW OPENED Publican Quality Meats! And guess what? It’s located right across the street from one of our faves, The Publican. PQM is a complete quadruple threat -> a butcher shop, market, bakery, and cafe all in one. PQM offers whole animal service, house-made bread, house-smoked meats, and retail favorites like olive oils, dairy, eggs, jams.  Lucky buyers will also find local Delicious DIRT such as AMAZING Bill Kim‘s Belly sauces, sandwiches, house-made sausages, charcuterie, more scrumptious prepared foods, coffees (an Intelligentsia blend), and beers on tap. Get there 10 AM to 6 PM daily, with lunch beginning at 11 AM. 835 W. Fulton Market.

Our Search For Orgasmic Turkey Chili Continues As Luxbar Adds White Bean Turkey Chili To Their Menu. On Our List Of Hopeful Foodgasm Inducers.

Turkey Chili @ Luxbar

As most of you devoted Delicious DIRT readers know, we’ve been on a hardcore hunt for truly satisfying turkey chili all year. We’ve discovered that this find is almost as rare as mind blowing sex.

Luckily for us (and you), LUXBAR announced an addition to their menu. You guessed it: hearty white bean turkey chili. We’re optomistic foodgasms miiiight be induced while swallowing this food porn. Regardless, it’s heart-healthy…always a plus. As you know, we’re finally starting to feel some real Chicago winter temps and all we want to do is get down and warm our hungry tummies with a bowl of chili. Made with house-brined turkey, white beans, and kicked up a notch with pablano, jalapeno, and Annaheim peppers, Luxbar’s chili is most def on our list of hopeful foodgasm inducers. Can you say BAM!? We will keep you posted on our take, but you can get in on the action for only 5 bucks a cup and 6 bucks a bowl. P.S. add a 5-way garnish of macaroni, cheddar, onions, jalapenos, and sour cream for only 2 bucks more. Can’t wait to be thanking the chili gods. 18 E. Bellevue Place.

Technocrats Rejoice (HOPEFULLY). iPad 3 Screen to be HEAVENLY

Salivate in HD

Word on the street is, Apple will unveil the iPad 3 in the first week of March. So what’s new about it? The hype this time around is all about the screen. They’re calling it the retina display and expecting it to be a whopping 2048 x 1536 high-definition screen. Potential bottom line, it’s gonna be incredible. The first time Apple introduced a retina display was for the iPhone 4 in 2010 and we all know how that went. With the iPad 3, Apple is upping the awesomeness of the camera and video apps, along with boosting the look of gaming and textbooks. But hold on a second, can you just IMAGINE how amazing all of our FOOD PORN is going to look on this high-def screen? OMG – We’re drooling already. So while we wait anxiously to stare into this miracle screen, there’s still tons of Delicious DIRT out there for the iPad first generation and iPad 2. We love love love Food Film Fest director George Motz‘s app Burger GPS app for hunting down the best of the best in burger joints across the country. And with the Oscars just a couple of weeks away, keep up with the nominations, winners, and the gorgeous sight of Brad Pitt’s face with the Oscar Backstage Pass app. Angelina’s got nothing on us.



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