Delicious DIRT.Much to LOVE: Tax-Free Shopping, Make Art W A Muse @ Floriole, Bistronimic’s New Cocktails, Pizza for a Cause

DIRT inside: Homemade Pizza Company, Snow City Arts, Invest for Kids, 900 North Michigan Shops, Michael Kors, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Mark Shale, Bistronomic, Bistronomic 75, Chef Martial Noguier, Floriole, Make Art W A Muse

ART + KIDS + FLORIOLE + President’s Day +No School = Make Art with A Muse

Floriole's Apple Fritter by MBK

A Muse Arts and our friend, the one and only truly talented hottie, Danielle Klinenberg aka Muse in Chief, host, “No School? Make Art with A Muse”, an art-making program on President’s Day 2/20. Catch this quick bit of Delicious DIRT?  Some of Danielle’s paintings were used in the Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston Chicago-filmed flick,“The Break-up” (Catch her sweet interview on Gaper’s Block here). SO, back to Monday’s awesome. Kids will design and create habitats and environments for animals, fantastical creatures, and or themselves in the cozy, sun-lit space of Floriole Café and Bakery. Mingle, sip coffee, and chill on your own time. Email for more info.

Takin’ the Tax Off: Shop Tax Free at 900 N. Michigan Shops

The 900 North Michigan Shops

We LOVE this time of the month. For the fourth year in a row, 900 North Michigan Shops bring TAX FREE shopping. Turning splurges into STEALS all weekend long.

From 2/18-2/20, take a9.5%discount off at chic shops like Michael Kors, J.Crew, Club Monaco, & Mark Shale. Plus, with proof of a purchase, get the “Alexander Hamilton” $10 parking rate for the entire day. You know that means -> AM to PM shopping. Check out the full list of participating shops + DON’T FORGET the most important step: download your access pass! Get it on.

Bring a Pizza Home for a Good Cause. Homemade Pizza Co. Fundraising for Snow City Arts

Courtesy of Snow City Arts

DeliciousDIRT LOVES this. Eat pizza and directly benefit children’s lives? YUP. Easy enough! At Homemade Pizza Company get your four-cheese fundraiser on for an amazing cause: Snow City Arts (SCA). For ONE DAY, every take-out purchase made at Homemade Pizza Company, will be ELEVATING lives of some inspiring, incredible kids at Snow City Arts – simply by eating pizza. DeliciousDIRT loves this particularly because we’re proud to continue our support for past Invest for Kids recipient, Snow City Arts -> an extraordinary, influential organization. This time, it’s SO EASY. $5 will be donated for every large pizza sold, $2 for every large salad sold, $1 for every order of bread-sticks sold, $5 for every medium gluten-free pizza sold, and 20% of every gift card sold. Imagine how fast the numbers will add up: 100 pizzas = $500, and 200 pizzas = $1,000…Okay, STOP IMAGINING and pick up some pizzas! 850 W. Armitage Wednesday 2/29  1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

New Cocktails = New Delicious DIRT @ Bistronomic

Delicious DIRT by Bistronomic

Get your drink on @ Gold Coast hot spot, Bistronomic who just got a mini drink makeover. The new cocktail + spirits menu at French bistro from our friend Executive Chef Martial Noguier features spankin’ new choices like “You Don’t Know Jacques,” “La Coccinelle,” and don’t worry Bistronomic fanatics, the signature “Bistronomic 75” is here to stay. And have you SEEN their bourbon and single malt selection? You can check ‘em all out here, but let’s be honest, it’d be much more satisfying to have one in front of you. Cocktails = $12. Bourbon & Single Malts = $9 – $13. Drink up. 840 N. Wabash.


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