Delicious DIRT. Take Home Fresh Rotisserie Chicken Sundays @ Rustic House; SHUCK Our Fave for Free @ GT Fish & Oyster 3/31; Eat and Watch Iron Chef-Style @ Slurping Turtle 4/1

DIRT Inside: Rustic House, Chef Jason Paskewitz, GT Fish & Oyster, Giuseppe Tentori, Takashi, Chef Takashi Yagihashi, Slurping Turtle, Iron Chef America

Slurping Turtle Iron Chef America Showing Chef Takashi

Photo via Slurping Turtle

Unfortunately the special Iron Chef dinner at Takashi has sold out, BUT there is still an amazing place where you can watch Chef Takashi Yagihashi impress with the best on Iron Chef America, April 1. Slurping Turtle will be showing the show on a large screen for the occasion. The secret ingredient menu will be available a la carte once the item is revealed on the show (approx after 9 PM). Food nerds welcome! Obviously massive food porn to eat your heart out to and support Chicago’s finest! 116 W. Hubbard.

SHUCK ‘EM! Free Oysters at GT Fish & Oyster 3/31. Below.

Sunday Take Out @ Rustic House

Rustic House + the Rotisserie. Photo via The Local Tourist.

Every Sunday, take home Rustic House’s signature delicious rotisserie chickens + two sides. Talk about perfect at home Sunday night dining comfy-style with perfect comfort food. All thanks to Chef Jason Paskewitz! These chickens are free-range and organic, prepared with fresh rosemary / thyme / garlic, and you can see them being prepared in-house at the Rustic House dining room – basting in the goodness of their own juices. Choice of two sides for this awesome go-to dinner plan: Creamed Corn Brûlée, Broccoli with Chili and Fennel Seed, Roasted Garlic Spinach, Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Thyme, Roasted Garlic Mashed, Pommes Anna, 3-Cheese Potato Gratin and Lyonnaise Hash. You can place your orders ahead of time, and pick ‘em up before 7 PM. 1967 N. Halsted.

SHUCK ‘EM! Free Oysters at GT Fish & Oyster 3/31

GT Fish & Oyster by MBK

Happy Anniversary GT! FREE food porn alert => a night of free oysters at GT Fish & Oyster. The resto will be soon celebrating their first anniversary and we love what they’re doing for all their devoted customers -> free half-dozen oysters between 4:30 PM and midnight on March 31. Get ‘em in the resto or at the bar and shuck ‘em. Mark your calendars! DIRT: we love their cocktail sauce. 531 N. Wells.


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