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Pinterest + Vimeo = Awesomeness

Some of the #FoodPorn + #DeliciousDIRT on Elevate Your Presence Pinterest Page

Speaking of Pinterest… Look forward to pinning more videos as Vimeo and Pinterest have teamed up so users can now pin Vimeo videos directly to their boards. This isn’t the first video integration from Pinterest. Back in August, Pinterest also introduced YouTube video support on boards. For both Vimeo and YouTube, just install the Pin It! bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmark bar for easy pinning and follow the simple steps from there – pin away. While you’re pinning, be sure to check us out on Pinterest and Vimeo and YouTube! [Tech Crunch]

Springpad 3.0 Being Deemed “Smart” Pinterest. Below

Spotify Gets Embedded: Play On Your Site or From Your Favorite Sites. Below

Spotify play button -> playlist, album, and song via

If you love listening to music wherever you are or just wanna hear what your favorite sites are listening to, Spotify is your dream come true. The Spotify Play Button has launched and embeds directly into websites making it easy, legal, and free to continue playing the soundtrack to your life, or listen to someone else’s. When you click play, that song instantly starts in your Spotify desktop app. We love this awesome new way of fusing Spotify music with blogs, sites, and other social faves. Popular websites like Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, and the Guardian got the Play Button today, along with sites like ELLE, People, Mashable, and Popdust. Read up on the Spotify Play Button here. Don’t already have Spotify? We recommend you download it here. [Tech Crunch]

Springpad 3.0 Being Deemed “Smart” Pinterest

Springpad Notebooks on iPad via Springpad

Heard of Springpad? Had an account for a while now or just hearing of it? Springpad launched about 3 years ago with about 3 million registered users, but it has remained seemingly off the social networking radar until now (kiiind of like Pinterest). Now that Pinterest has taken over, people are becoming more receptive to Springpad because of the many similarities. The app (sign up on your computer, or get the free iOS and Android app) is getting a revamp and a redesign that is now letting users make their “notebooks” public, allowing them to also follow other users’ public notebooks, and “spring” items to their notebooks (if you’d like, think of the notebooks as boards) calling it Springpad 3.0. Springpad is more list-based, to-do’s, etc. and automatically adds information to lists. For example, if you add a movie to one of your “notebooks” it might automatically add showtimes, reviews, and DVD release dates. We’re digging the idea and psyched to explore. To fully understand what Springpad is all about, read up here. Or watch a video that clearly explains Springpad in just over 2 minutes. What do you think of this list-smart-Pinterest app? [Mashable]


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