Delicious DIRT. Bleeding Heart Bakery: One Door Closes, Another Opens; Poutine: Be Bad, Get Happy, Mindy Segal’s Hot Chocolate Closing for AC Renovations

DIRT Inside: Bleeding Heart Bakery, Oak Park, BadHappy, Mindy Segal, Hot Chocolate, Tom Kern

Mindy Segal’s Hot Chocolate Closing – Temporarily

Beautiful, decadent goodness via Hot Chocolate

Rumors were a-buzzin’ of a closing when Mindy Segal posted a pic of her Bucktown resto/bakery Hot Chocolate under construction. No reason to worry. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate will be closing only from April 24 until May 8 -ish for renovations (hint: air conditioning). This long-standing hotspot has been around for more than 10 years. Enjoy the decade-long goodness in May guys. 1747 N. Damen. [312 Dining Diva]

Bleeding Heart Update: Closing Burbs Shop. Below.

Love Poutine? Get It Right Here in the CHI. Below

Poutine via BadHappy

Poutine has officially come to Chicago – oh you know, that hot, gooey, savory Canadian dishGrub Street recently interviewed Chef Tom Kern and their poutine resto, BadHappy. In case you missed it, we just had to share. Get the scoop on why Chef Kern became a poutine chef (especially after coming from a fine-dining background). We might just go ahead and let the poutine make us happy, no matter how bad for us it is…(hence their name, BadHappy). Love their house-made gravy for us hungry Chicagoans. Diggin everything about BadHappy – accessible, affordable, and above all, sooo delicious. Check out Grub Street’s sweet interview for the scoop. [Grub Street]

Bleeding Heart Update: Closing Burbs Shop

Banana Split Cake by Bleeding Heart

BURBS Much? Earlier we told you about a few Bleeding Heart shuffles and moves, but we’ve got more for you. Amongst other not-so-good news for the Bleeding Heart Bakery crew, now we got word that the Oak Park location will be closing its doors next month. In better news, we have this slice of info to look forward to: the Garcias will be focusing more attention on their forthcoming Lakeview location (1351 W. Belmont). They will be officially closing during the first week of May, but also watch out for fewer hours in the meantime. Gotta have your Bleeding Heart? You can still dine and pick up orders at the Elmhurst and (upcoming) Belmont spots, and of course, get it delivered! [Eater]


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