Delicious DIRT HEARTS Jake Gyllenhaal

Elevate Your Presence gives major props to Hollywood Jew for this gem.   We’re feeling the need to say we ALL want to marry Jake Gyllenhaal.  Hey we have yet to be called stalkers…officially.

As Danielle Berrin tweets, “Jake Gyllenhaal has renewed my love for Sesame Street, seders and Jewish men in general” via @jewishjournal.  DB, Delicious DIRT loves you for telling it like it is.

Jews are sexy. Check it.

We love Jessica Alba for never taking off her Cc Skye Bentley Bracelet. Now that’s Brand Loyalty!

Spotted CC SKYE AGAIN on Jessica Alba. Seen here with her daughter Honor wearing her FAVE accessory Cc Skye Bentley Bracelet.

Up close and personal, the CC SKYE Bentley Bracelet on Jessica Alba. We Cc Skye you so go ahead, Elevate Your Presence and buy yours… xx

West Hollywood yesterday- Jessica Alba in one of her fave accessories – the CC SKYE Bentley Bracelet…xx

CC SKYE’s photos – Love it RT @mbkov: Spotted AGAIN @jessicaalba
Outfit Identifier: Jessica Alba’s Jacket, Sunglasses, and Handbag While Out in West Hollywood

UPDATE- Seems this event has sold out!  However, VIP tickets are still available.  Will let you know if anything opens up last minute….

Event Alert- Elevate Your Presence recommends you experience Paris Club BEFORE it opens! Support Rahm Emanuel for mayor and meet SNL star Andy Samberg this Friday, 1/21/11. Check out what’s sure to be the next genius creation by R.J. Melman & Jerrod Melman!

Rahm Emanuel at PARIS CLUB 1/21/11
Elevate Your Presence recommends you join hosts Jason and Michelle Friedman, RJ, Jerrod and Molly Melman for a fundraiser for Rahm Emanuel with SNL’s Andy Samberg on Friday, January 21, 2011, 6:30pm, at Paris Club – 59 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL 60610

VIP EXCLUSIVE MEET AND GREET AT 6PM, $1000 donation per person

Photo by David Shankbone

Get to know Cc Skye even more and see why Elevate Your Presence and I Love CC SKYE in this Gigi Saffron & Ever piece.

Don’t miss these CC SKYE magazine features in such hotness as Vogue, Lucky Magazine, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, In Touch, People, LA Confidential and so many more Elevate Your Presence faves!! See why I Love CC SKYE now!

This month’s issue of People StyleWatch features the CC SKYE Gladiator Earrings as worn by Pink at the Grammy’s. These Spike and Crystal adorned show-stoppers are every girl’s answer to “how to add a punk rock twist to black tie.” xx

Shhhh… Alexa Chung put in an order yesterday at the CC SKYE offices for Spring handbags and jewelry.. Stay tuned to see what this UK fashion icon will be wearing.. xx

Elevate Your Presence recommends you check out these celebs in CC SKYE

Elevate Your Presence loves reading via Twitter that graham elliot sister restaurant Grahamwich is set to finally open this week! The “sandwich and soda shop” is will open its door at 615 N. State Street. You better believe we will be there along with Chicago Food Mafia. For more info, see attached article from GrubStreet.

Spotted- Matt Damon and crew continuing their tour of Chicago restaurants, tonight at the Peninsula! Last night, the team crushed the menu at Chicago Food Mafia and Elevate Your Presence favorite Kith and Kin . Check out a few more details via Eater Chicago

Elevate Your Presence is psyched the florentine, blt restaurant group‘s newbie is now finally open! Last night the VIP opening was a tremendous success with Todd Stein, Rodelio Aglibot and all those foodies. The after party was said to be rockin’ at Big Star Chicago too. The Mafia even got some delicious dirt- The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English will be opening in Chicago’s Gold Coast summer 2011 in a 10,000 square foot space in the lower level of an undisclosed hotel. Stay tuned.

See More below in UrbanDaddy

Elevate Your Presence enjoyed some dangerously delicious chocolate cake tonight at Coco Pazzo! What and where are some of your favorite Chicago indulgences?

Great Foodie Event Alert – Some of Chicago Food Mafia & Elevate Your Presence‘s favorite chefs – Chef Rick Bayless, Chef Art Smith, Charlie Trotter, will be at Chicago Cultural Center for Chicago’s Chefs Live November 19th with New York Times Magazine writer Frank Bruni and Lee Brian Schrager – Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival to discuss all things food! Expect some Mafioso on site!!

See More

Jewish women are sexy! Elevate Your Presence hopes you want to laugh with us tonight at YLD’s Big Event Featuring Sarah Silverman. Free smiles attached. Check it.

Elevate Your Presence can not wait for Bangers & Lace! News flash- soft opening last night so you won’t have to wait any longer!! Congrats to friends Jason Freiman and Nick Podesta!!

Best post and uncovering of a story was my discovery of Ed Burns’ escapades in the Chi via Twitter!!!  By piecing together a bunch of tweets, Elevate Your Presence was able to break the below story first- before local media…

Elevate Your Presence has always loved Edward Burns. Brothers McMullen is pure genius! Burns was in Chicago Filmspotting while promoting Nice Guy Johnny (Comcast 10/26). Friday, when Crain’s Shia Kapos tweeted Burns, he replied he couldn’t get a table at Girl & the Goat & went to Giordanos. The mellow down-to-earth actor even replied to Girl & Goat owner Kevin Boehm sayin no worries & he’d be back next time. Delicious Dirt all around.

I’m back!!  So sorry for my absence to all my Delicious Dirt and Sunshine Sealed readers!!   I can simply say that I am back and better than ever.    Stay tuned for full posts.

Quick bite-

Spotted:  Brian Dennehy today at Whole Foods in Chicago.

Spotted:  Liam Neeson in several restaurants in Anguilla, British West Indies.

For so many, 2009 was not the best year.    Luckily, 2010 has gotten off to a wonderful start.  So much beauty inside a short 19 days!

2010 has been and will continue to be the year of action & change, acceptance & love, friendship & compassion, and peace.

For over a year now I have been singing social media’s praises and today I am even more proud to be a part of this incredibly important movement than ever.

Despite the devastation in Haiti last week, America has rallied to help in every possible way.  Social media was insanely helpful in this process as most of you already know.

Articles to follow…

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