Delicious DIRT’s Morning JUICE-

  • Nick over at Grub Street tells Elevate Your Presence‘s Delicious Dirt that Prix Fixe opens on Friday in Lincoln Square. No, that’s not a typo, and yes, that’s its name; an aptly titled resto serving a $35 three-course menu with French and Italian influences. For those who are decidedly commitment-phobic and wish Vday would just go away, there will be a few a la carte menu items from which to choose.  
  • You know, USA has NEVER won the Bocuse d’Or. The closest we’ve ever come is sixth place a few times. The two-day competition ended yesterday, and guess which country won? Denmark came in first, followed by Sweden and Norway. We’re wondering if this has anything to do with a Danish restaurant (Noma) having been bestowed the honor of Best Restaurant in the World. Hmmm… Or maybe there’s a reason why Noma beat out elbulli and its chef placed first in the. Is Rene Redzepi literally the world’s all around greatest chef? Via Eater    
  • We were all shocked when we heard elbulli was closing for good in 2014 (even though the majority of us would never get to go). Our mouths still agape, we got word that it was actually closing in 2012. We nearly fell on the floor when we heard Ferran Adria was re-opening elbulli as…a culinary foundation?! Now, The Feast tells us that there will be an “eco-neighborhood” and “park.”
  • Everyone’s fave pork palace, The Publican, is collaborating with Lagunitas Brewing Company out of California to offer a special house beer that would possibly be sold in your local liquor store. 
  • As you know by now, Taco Bell is having a beef about what percentage of beef their tacos are! A lawsuit is being filed stating that Taco Bell’s beef filling is only 36% beef, but the chief Taco dude, President Greg Creed, states that the number is actually 86% beef and that the rest is …other ingredients that contribute to the quality of our product.” Read about it in Where’s The Beef and  via Eater. Hopefully there’s no countersuit about libel. Eek!

DIRT’s Chef Shuffles

Greg Biggers (Morimoto) is the new chef at one of our fave restos, Café des Architectes, now that Martial Noguier is out and about at Bistronomic. Read Penny Pollack’s interview with him here.

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