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When was the last time you let yourself GO???  Literally being soaking wet, not giving one iota and just living in the moment is the Best. Feeling. Ever.  Dancing like no one sees you = our motto over here on the DIRT team.  Can you even remember the last time you danced like no one was watching, that you partied til the sun came up and sang at the top of your lungs?  The DIRT team HIGHLY recommends you let loose and get out June 2nd and DISAPPEAR HERE!  Feel the music. Dance Dance Dance.

Heaven Malone - one of our all time favorite DJ’s is hosting a killer dancer party at Angels + Kings on June 2nd in the Chi!  Heaven is an all around wonderful man for whom we have utter appreciation.  He is not only a hard core jammin’ sexy DJ, but he is also a truly talented graphic designer with patience that could literally win Grammy’s!   After the Holocaust Museum event (that night 6-9), go dance your ass off and play (9-2am)!  Event info below.

Disappear Here . Thursday, June 2nd. JHN RDN + Ian Saint Laurent (Hands & Knees, Philadelphia)

6/2 Angels + Kings 9pm-2am, Disappear Here

Inspired by the wanton writings of Bret Easton Ellis, in 2009 a new
indie-electro dance party called “Disappear Here” formed in the sultry
depths of Angels & Kings. Featuring the latest underground music by fresh,
talented producers and DJs with the occasional celebrity thrown in for
sacrifice, “Disappear Here” was known for it’s young riotous energy.

From transforming the venue into a massive slumber party pillow fight with
guest DJs SHE WANTS REVENGE, to an 8ft tall dancing robot, to packed
surprise live performances, to a two floor packed LOLLAPALOOZA Launch
Party featuring DANNY MASTERSON – “Disappear Here” never failed to

Video from Hands & Knees, Philadelphia
On Thursday, June 2nd – DISAPPEAR HERE returns featuring the DJs from
Philadelphia’s most debaucherous dance party HANDS & KNEES – JHN RDN & Ian St. Laurent.  Get to Angels & Kings 230 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60601   9pm-2am  RSVP:   Resident DJ, Heaven Malone

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