DeliciousDIRT. Gotta Have It: Deep Fried Gravy, Bill and Giuliana’s RPM, and the Mountain Lion

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Did We Read That Correctly? DEEP FRIED GRAVY?!

Oozing Gravy Goodness @ Wiener and Still Champion

Yes, believe it. That is a DEEP FRIED patty of GRAVY on a burger. Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston has had this orgasmic item on it’s secret menu for about a year, but luckily for all of us FOOD PORN stars, it’s BACK and REVAMPED. CFO (you better believe that stands for Chief Frying Officer) Gus Paschalis says it’s all in the combo of chicken gravy and the special seasoned flour that makes this amazing oddity to heavenly. And get this: you can add it to ANY burger for only $1.50. As if this didn’t already feel like a dream enough, the patties of gravy cooked to order. Your first bite will = warm, gooey, oozing gravy goodness. Go. Now. 802 Dempster, Evanston.

OPENING SOON: RPM Italian -> Melmans + Rancics’ Eatery in River North

Soon-to-be Hotspot in River North, RPM by Bill Rancic

A 225-seater, 10,000-square-foot River North Italian hotspot called RPM Italian – from the Melman siblings (Hub 51, Paris Club) and the reality TV power couple themselves, Bill and Giuliana Rancic. Why you’ll LOVE it: Doug Psaltis is running the kitchen, light cooking + great ingredients + classic Italian, and an approachable, comfortable, food-sharing environment. We’ll even give you a HINT of what’s to come: brussel sprouts with spicy peppers, Roman-style artichoke, duck-misson fig ravioli, and wood-grilled whole branzino with Ligurian olive oil, capers, and oregano. Cocktails, too. We can’t wait to sing RPM’s praises. Watch for it at the end of the month. 52 W. Illinois.

Adios iChat, Aloha Twitter, Flickr & Vimeo: Apple Reveals Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Delicious DIRT. Juice For You

NOW OPEN: Publican Quality Meats. Another Paul Kahan Masterpiece

Publican Quality Meats by Scott Manlin

Meet Your MEAT. Attention MEAT LOVERS: from the amazing Paul Kahan and One Off Hospitality (oh you know, Avec, Big Star, The Publican) we bring you the NOW OPENED Publican Quality Meats! And guess what? It’s located right across the street from one of our faves, The Publican. PQM is a complete quadruple threat -> a butcher shop, market, bakery, and cafe all in one. PQM offers whole animal service, house-made bread, house-smoked meats, and retail favorites like olive oils, dairy, eggs, jams.  Lucky buyers will also find local Delicious DIRT such as AMAZING Bill Kim‘s Belly sauces, sandwiches, house-made sausages, charcuterie, more scrumptious prepared foods, coffees (an Intelligentsia blend), and beers on tap. Get there 10 AM to 6 PM daily, with lunch beginning at 11 AM. 835 W. Fulton Market.

Our Search For Orgasmic Turkey Chili Continues As Luxbar Adds White Bean Turkey Chili To Their Menu. On Our List Of Hopeful Foodgasm Inducers.

Turkey Chili @ Luxbar

As most of you devoted Delicious DIRT readers know, we’ve been on a hardcore hunt for truly satisfying turkey chili all year. We’ve discovered that this find is almost as rare as mind blowing sex.

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Delicious DIRT. Oooohh La La

Fendi by MBK

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Delicious DIRT. Juice We Love

We’ve Got Wood Over Glazed and Infused

Courtesy of Doughnut Vault

We all know, doughnuts ARE the new cupcakes… It’s no secret, we LOVE doughnuts. Have not heard the stellar news for doughnut lovers in Chicago like us? We’re getting moooore. Glazed and Infused (genius name, by the way), the upcoming doughnut shop by our friend Scott Harris (um, can you say The Purple Pig + Francesca’s among tons more?), will be…wait for it… a total of three different doughnut shop locations. Adios, New Years Resolution, and hellooo doughy deliciousness. These newbies are sure to give Doughnut Vault a run for their money. Watch for Glazed and Infused at the corner of Halsted and Fulton Market in the West Loop, at a window on the Damen Avenue side of Francesca’s Forno in Wicker Park, and near the Armitage Brown Line stop in Lincoln Park. WHEW. So many doughnuts, so little time. Possible flavors include Milk Chocolate Malt, Crème Brûlée, and Coconut Crunch and coffee will be Intelligentsia. We’re sold.

Saying Farewell to Single-Living with BBq

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Delicious DIRT’S Slideshow Photo Tour from Cultivate Festival 2011

Tiny But Mighty Popcorn we LOVE @ Cultivate by MBK

As if Chipotle hadn’t done enough already to woo eaters of all stripes! From food nerds to tree-huggers to just plain burrito-lovers, Chipotle (wonderful sponsor of Food Film Fest) threw an enormous and thoughtful bash in Chicago’s Lincoln Park on a gorgeous October Saturday. The first annual kickass Cultivate Festival rocked us with killer food, sexy tunes, and inspiring ideas. Repping the Artisan Hall, Birky Family Farm’s Cornbread+BBQ pork+blueberries= perfect balance of sweet, smoky, and savory while Rich Chocolates melted in our mouths. Tiny But Mighty foods blew our minds with their popcorn (and their name which is anything but tiny on taste).  Bell’s Brewery, Chicago fave Goose Island and more kept us delightfully tipsy as we soaked in the sun and rocked out to White Rabbits and Calexico, just to name a few… Of course, we learned much too: Paul Virant, Paul Kahan, and Bruce Sherman rounded out the who’s-who of Chitown’s top chefs who led demos in tents across the park while Amanda Freitag (Food Film Fest goddess) brought her NYC goodness. Virant’s skirt steak salad with Dietzler Farm beef and heirloom tomatoes elevated picnic fare to a whole new level.

Seedling @ Cultivate by MBK

Take a spin through Delicious DIRT‘s **massive slideshow** photo tour inside this post (click read more). Relive the glory or see what you missed. Here’s to Chipotle Cultivate Festival 2012! CLICK ONE PHOTO TO ENLARGE AND PRESS PLAY. PLAY PLAY PLAY
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Delicious DIRT. Got Dosed. Part 1

Pineapple skewers @ Dose From X-Marx by Nathan Michael

It’s safe to say we lost our Dose virginity today and man was it sweet. Our fave monthly market, curated by the hottie editors we love, kicked ass. Sadly we had not been to this blowout event sooner in the year, but it was so worth the wait + we are now getting dosed regularly. Literally, minds were blown, waistlines were shot, mouths were satiated. Oh, and that’s just the tip.

Luckily, we have a shitload of photos for you to see just how rad this food and fashion event actually was. More to come… For now, get DOSED below in Delicious DIRT’s Part 1 of 2.  Need more info on a specific photo? Please email us @ 

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Delicious DIRT. One of One Jewelry Blows Minds. Ooohlaalaaaa

One Of One Jewelry

It’s fair to say we got DOSED hardcore. AND WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  Part 1 of  our full recap + photo tour on Dose’s HoliDose here

One of the best parts of getting Dosed was One of One. Delicious DIRT favorite rockin’ sex pot jeweler Sam Goldberg brought her line, One of One Jewelry to Dose Market for their HoliDose December event. Literally, it’s safe to say if our eyes could have orgasms, they’d have had multiple… We’re beyond excited to rock these chic edgy and oh so rad pieces on the daily.

Wanna get lucky? Check out our photo tour of One of One at Dose.  You’ll see tons of drop-dead gorgeous druzy necklaces, rings and more… Oh yea baby. Photos speak a million words…Need more info on a specific photo? Please email us @

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Delicious DIRT. We’re AMPED From 2011 Chicago Food Film Fest. Now You Can Be Too

Pleasant House Bakery's Tasty Meatball @ Chicago Food Film Fest by Marc Klutznick

If you’re food nerds like us and you happened to have missed the SOLD OUT 2011 Chicago Food Film Fest this past weekend, calm your inner food geek with these festival flicks. You won’t be having foodgasms while tasting what you saw as we did…but this is the #nextbestthing until #FFF 2012. For now, satisfy your inner food nerd with these short flicks below.

You’ll see hottie Danny Macaroons get down in his sweet kitchen + crave macs within twenty seconds. These macaroons actually need no intro, already have a cult following, + are the most soft plump fresh scrumptious macaroons we’ve had. See why for yourselves below and let us know when you get lucky enough to mac on those macs (hint: order here). You’ll also probably salivate over D Vault’s doughnuts which def walked the walk. Yes, we’ve officially lost our D Vault virginity and hell yes, it was worth the wait. #donutsarethenewcupcakes. And after seeing sexy chef Aaron make those doughnuts at 1am, we now know how much delicacy goes into these mind-blowing delights + why people stand in the rain for hours to scarf em down. You’ll also see #ChiFFF double award winner for best short + audience choice -> Buttermilk: It Can Help, Farm To Barstool + a few Intelligentsia shorts below… Food porn photo tours soon… stay tuned for more #DeliciousDIRT soon.

The Doughnut Vault: winner of the 2011 Chicago Food Film Fest’s Best Super Short, The Doughnut Vault by Mode Project:

Danny Macaroons by SkeeterNYC on Food Curated:

Buttermilk: It Can Help by Joe York

2011 #ChiFFF Awards: Audience Choice: Buttermilk: It Can Help, Best Super Short: The Doughnut Vault, Best Short: Buttermilk: It Can Help, Best Food Porn: Amor Pulpo, Food Filmmaker of the Year: Jason Lam for How to Make a Turtle Burger.
Few other flicks #ChiFFF below including Farm To Barstool by Sky Full Of Bacon’s Michael Gebert where we go behind the scenes at Art Jackson’s Pleasant House Bakery and a few Intelligentsia below:

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Delicious DIRT. Food Nerds Rejoice

Delicious DIRT got lucky Monday night when one of our favorite Chicagoans and loyal DIRT member, James Goeke, attended Food + Wine’s Entertaining Showcase at the MCA. Below is James’ food porn tour you’re sure to salivate over.

Next's Delicious DIRT by James Goeke

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Sam Zell @ IFK 2011

Top money managers from around the world presented their coveted ideas to a packed crowd of almost eight hundred at the Third AnnualInvest For Kids Conference on November 9, 2011 at Chicago’s Harris Theater.  The investable ideas conference raised $1.1 million all of which will directly benefit seven local children’s charities. The crowd was a collection of the most respected and prominent family offices, hedge funds, asset managers, and investors in the Chicago investment community.

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