NYC Food Film Festival Announces Details for 5th Year.Taste What You See On The Screen!

20+ Films Selected For Food Film Festival Running October 13-16th @ Tribeca Cinemas

1st Ever Food Porn Party Set for Saturday Night

Food Bank For New York City Returns as Beneficiary

International Culinary Center is Exclusive Culinary School

Featured Below: Trailer for “Mistura: The Power of Food”, Dir. Patricia Perez

MISTURA.THE POWER OF FOOD. TRAILER. from Patricia Perez on Vimeo.

NEW YORK, NY — The NYC Food Film Festival returns to New York City for its 5th consecutive year offering a unique series of events where food and film lovers return to taste what they see on the screen. Yes, the NYC Food Film Festival is the only festival in the world that serves the food that is seen in the films. Produced in association with the James Beard Foundation and benefiting the Food Bank For New York City, the 2011 NYC Food Film Festival runs from October 13 through October 16, 2011 at Tribeca Cinemas.

The NYC Food Film Festival was created by George Motz, the documentary filmmaker behind the award-winning Hamburger America film, book and mobile app. and Chef Harry Hawk. Through documentaries, features and short films, the Festival presents the best, and the most memorable, of the world’s favorite and exotic foods on the big screen…and then serves them to the guests.

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Tribe by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Their music shaped us.  Their music continues to inspire us – on the daily.  Tribe Called Quest truly kicks it like no other.  Because we’re so pumped to see Michael Rapaport’s just released documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, we thought we’d feel Bonita for hot minute. Rapaport aka Phoebe‘s boyfriend on our fave, Friends, makes his directorial debut with this much hyped documentary. Want a Taste? Just don’t leave your wallet….

Most of Tribe’s greatness, released in the 90′s, transports us right back to freshman year at Madison with a smile.  Then and now, we dance like no one’s watching and sing like no one’s listening. Can not get enough Tribe.  Ever. Classic moment – a few years ago, Q-Tip actually handed MBK the mic at HOB in Chicago.  Best shout out ever. Yes You Can.

Q-Tip Courtesy of PDS

Cause we know what it’s like to be stressed out, stressed out, check our fave Tribe compilation = The Anthology. It combines the best of the best Tribe: Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, Beats, Rhymes & Life, The Love Movement + more.  Music truly does not get any better than hip hop masters Q-Tip, Phife and Ali. The Tribe most definitely Flies High Like A Dove. Though Tribe’s not kickin’ it at Lolla (we WISH), you might be able to taste their flavor when you’ll feel beats. FYI, Lolla is sold out. BUT, as always, you can get tickets on the scene if you’re smooth like butter.

Hot Sex On A Platter, Bonita by Grantsland

Elevate Your Presence has a relaxing date night for you this Friday. Head to Sepia after you see Sepia’s cameo in The Dilemma. Bring your ticket stub and get a free cocktail. We can’t wait to see the windy city itself and our favorite Swinger Vince Vaughn on the big screen. Via Chicago magazine

Tomorrow- Public House Opening Event. The boys behind Bull & Bear, David Rekhson, Luke Stoioff, and Brandon Zisman have opened this beercentric gastropub. Elevate Your Presence recommends Public House’s BBQ smoked rotisserie dishes and of course their truffle mac & cheese while you drink your way through their enormous beer list (100 brands in house). Chef David Blonsky and pastry chef Mindy Segal  (Hot Chocolate) have created quite a menu.  DELISH

Best post and uncovering of a story was my discovery of Ed Burns’ escapades in the Chi via Twitter!!!  By piecing together a bunch of tweets, Elevate Your Presence was able to break the below story first- before local media…

Elevate Your Presence has always loved Edward Burns. Brothers McMullen is pure genius! Burns was in Chicago Filmspotting while promoting Nice Guy Johnny (Comcast 10/26). Friday, when Crain’s Shia Kapos tweeted Burns, he replied he couldn’t get a table at Girl & the Goat & went to Giordanos. The mellow down-to-earth actor even replied to Girl & Goat owner Kevin Boehm sayin no worries & he’d be back next time. Delicious Dirt all around.

All I can say is the fireworks in my ridiculous neighborhood could not be more torturous for our animals and babies.   It is absolutely sickening to me that people could be so pathetic.   My poor dog had to be drugged to simply relax because he was so petrified.  I hate drugging my 12.5 yr old golden!!!!  

 This weekend’s fireworks extravaganza really made me think about what is currently going on in other countries where there are wars, bombs, shootings.   It made me deeply sad for all those babies, those animals, those other scared people who hear bombs as often as we hear a car horn.    I wish there was something I could do to end the violence.   

The sounds of the fireworks honestly sound to me like bombs going off every minute.  I literally feet like I am in a war zone right now.   Friday night was not as bad, although it lasted a solid eight hours and continued into the night until three am.   But Saturday during the day and night were insane.   I had to take my dog to my mom’s house (a mere .5 of a mile away), where there were little fireworks and where he could relax.   Luckily my lovely Margaret helped Daree and me and I could relax knowing he would be in good hands.  Today, Sunday, the fireworks started again at nine pm and are going off like clockwork as I write this at eleven thirty.   I am truly sickened and sad.

On a lighter note, I saw Away We Go.   I enjoyed it, but not as much as I thought I would.  I do like Alexi Murdoch, but I would have enjoyed the movie better if there were some musical diversity in it.   I loved how much Krasinski’s character adored Ruddolph’s.   I loved how that made me feel.   I enjoyed the movie, but was surprised at the downer effect it left me with.   I am excited to see Whatever Works- hopefully this week!

Another observation, and if you have made it this far, you are a amazing, is how even girls in their upper thirties through sixties still behave like high schoolers at times.   While that initially bothers me, it also reminds me that growing up is hard to do.   And what’s the rush? 

I am so lucky to have the wonderful friends, old and new, that I have.  Thanks guys for your love and support.  I have come to value consistency and reliability more and more along with loyalty and truth.   I value you and I appreciate you.

Summer has officially finally begun.  This week was a whirlwind of action across the board.   I’ll blog about it next.  For now, off to comfort Daree and keep him relaxed.   No more fireworks pls pls pls

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