Delicious DIRT. TribeFest VIDEOS  Worth A Million Words

Inside: Video Jew, Aaron Cohen, IMS Security, Jewish Journal, Shemspeed, Heeb, Miri Ben Ari – The Hip Hop Violinist,  Rabbi Yonah,Vanessa Hidary aka Hebrew Mamita, founder of Idealist.orgAmi Dar, Y-Love, Mayim Bialik, White House’s Sonal Shah, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Punk Jews, Heeb Magazine and more

Burning Man meets Birth Right –> TribeFest

We are still planning on a full report re TribeFest.   For now – check out some great VIDEOS that’ll give you a sense of  TribeFest below. Greatness.  Here’s our quickie on TribeFest. Stay tuned for more from DD soon…

VideoJew’s TribeFest Round Up Below:

Shemspeed’s Video Recap Below:

Security Big Shot, sexy Aaron Cohen, IMS Security Below:

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Delicious DIRT Back In The Chi & Ready To Spill

Delicious DIRT. Events This Week

Delicious DIRT As Food Mafia Elevates


Elevate Your Presence is calling all Food Nerds, Chefs, and Cuisine Obsessives. Food Mafia is launching soon. Email us to receive an exclusive invite. Plus, send us your juiciest FOOD PORN and you might even get lucky…

Delicious DIRT’s TribeFest Quickie

Inside: TribeFest Intro, Miri Ben Ari, Rabbi Yonah, Ami Dar, Hebrew Mamita, Brendan Sodikoff, Rob Katz, Heeb Magazine, Shemspeed, and more

Where to begin?  What a ride its been.  You’ve been holding your breath, craving some good ole Delicious DIRT while some of us were in Vegas at TribeFest.  I mean, you’re just simply at the edge of your computers,  iPhones, iPads, iPods, Facebooks, Twitter accounts literally counting the hours, even minutes until we post right?  Good news…

Elevate Your Presence is here to satiate your every whim. So, don’t fret, the lack of posts last week means we’ve been busy… and it’s been juicy…not only for us, but also for you because you’re gonna get the inside flavor.  Fasten your seat belts ladies and gents…we’re taking off…

Delicious DIRT Editor-In-Chief‘s Elevated TribeFest experience is coming soon; for now some basics below

Elevate Your Presence trekked to Vegas this past week/ weekend for the first ever TribeFest. We decided to be open to anything. Man, not knowing what to expect, (a trip with tons of Jews could have gone a lot of ways), but this conference – 1290 young Jews from around the globe, wonderful leaders, speakers, musicians, comedians and about one hundred different organizations/ companies- truly blew us away.

MBK literally got up close and personal with so many magical people.  And that is what it’s all about.  Connecting. Real. Raw. True.  Nothing better.  Full report soon.

Grateful to have connected with:

This is only the beginning of these relationships… Building, growing, inspiring, changing, believing, learning, connecting, working together and uniting.  Hands on.  For each one of us, this experience means something different.  And for me, that’s the true beauty of it all.

TribeFest could have been complete with champagne snowballs and all… In fact, I’m sure some made romantic connections within the Tribe and that’s fab!  For me, this conference was all about connecting with truly monumental people, insanely wonderful organizations/ companies and learning about + connecting w/ Judaism in deeper ways.  And that it was!   This is just the tip… of the iceberg people.  Heads out of gutter…

  • For now, you can get a quick glimpse & watch Shemspeed’s video on TribeFest here.  You Tube the fest for more if you just can’t wait for our videos.. soon to post.  You’ll get chills watching Miri.  AMAZING.
  • So many creative and informative blog posts, check out hashtag #TribeFest and here’s two posts we heart – Let My People Grow and The UnLoad: Jews in the Desert… Is This A Joke?
  • Stay tuned for MBK’s full Tribal account.

For all you FOOD NERDS out there, an abundance of FOOD PORN is headed your way on Delicious DIRT.

  • Elevate Your Presence kicked it Food Mafia style last week at The Art of the Restaurant Deal with big shot restaurateurs Rob Katz and Brendan Sodikoff. By now you know both of them have announced newbie restos… We were given inside info a while back, but didn’t post… Next time you’ll be privy first.
  • Our night with sexy smarty Brendan Sodikoff aka owner of Gilt Bar/ Maude’s Liquor Bar / Doughnut Vault/ Ox Diner / Curio.
  • Plus, we’ve been telling you to stay tuned for so much and it’s ahead: Behind the scenes at Hubbard Inn + Public House, Frontier Newbie Niceness, Purple Pig PIG-OUT, Exclusive with Michael Kornick himself just as FISH BAR opens, Food Mafia action at N9NE, Gilt Bar, & Mike + Chao, y mucho mas Delicious DIRT.

It’s 230am people… Day 3 of TribeFest… let there be rest…

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