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Inside: Pork Chop, West Loop

Pork Chop, Courtesy of Facebook

Big news coming soon —->>  We’ve known Pork Chop‘s location and to keep it on the DL for a while now folks.  We promise to fill fill you in first!!!

Right now, Delicious DIRT can only tell you the “smokey drinks and sexy meats” hot spot is in the West Loop on Randolph.

Stay Tuned!!  SOON.

So I have to say I am sorry for leaving you with the most boring two posts and not updating this week.  I have had an insanely busy 2 weeks and little time to blog… sadly.

These last two weeks were a lot of fun.  I will give you a brief run down of some of the events.    Last week 6/17-  Thursday night I went to a Vogue shopping event where 10% of proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research.  I capitalize here for emphasis.   It was actually a great event.   A perfect way to start the night for sure.   My friend Leslie went with me and some of my family members were selling some goodies.   A great crowd showed up for this event actually too and it was inside a furniture store – The Golden Triangle.  From there we went to dinner at Hub 51 and decided to go home after as we knew we were in for a long weekend.   I am thrilled at that choice because by then (1130), I was dying to see Daree!!  

I can’t quite remember last Friday night, but I had a fabulous time at the great benefit for the Piven Theater Company last Sat 6/19 at Rockit, then to my friend Dave’s birthday at Vertigo (they finally got some lights and seats- I had vowed to never go back because it was literally so dark you could walk right into someone in front of you and not know he or she were standing there.  Plus there was nowhere to sit and the crowd was super annoying.  This go around was fun and just perfect lighting and seating).  From Vertigo we went to Underground (another of which I vowed to not return to) for the after-party for the Piven event.   I have to be honest here and say I had an awesome time. I danced and played and laughed and smiled. Loved it.  Even met a super cutie (not Piven, although I did speak with him and he is adorable.  The bad thing about Piven is that the girls swarm him and he thrives off of it.  I mean, he is so likable, so cute, so witty and so relatable that I was surprised by how much he seemed to love the vibes of the midwestern girls fawning).  

Sunday was Father’s day and I spent the afternoon and evening with my dad in Barrington- both the old and new (explanation to come later).   Monday was my Father’s 63rd birthday so my brother and I took him to what we call “The Red Door” (aka Rosebud on Walton), for a delicious and lovely lunch.   Perfect.   For dinner we (and some others) ate at the The Gage on Michigan Ave.  An odd choice by my step mother because it was loud and not easy to park, but a nice dinner nonetheless.   My uncle flew in from DC which was a great wonderful surprise to all of us.  Tuesday I finally had a night to myself (me and my babies of course) and vegged at home.  

Wednesday June 24th was a night my friend Howie and I had been planning for a few months.  I had a job meeting that morning (details later), and a hectic day, but an awesome one.   We planned a benefit for Alexi Giannoulias (IL State Treasurer running for Obama’s senate seat).  The event went really well and we raised over $30,000 for Alexi.   Thanks to all those who came and supported.  

Thursday was an event for Justin Oberman (running for LT Governor), at District.  The event was nice and after a bunch of us went to Adobo for more margaritas (my favorite in Chicago).  See pics here…Adobo



Living & Laughing

Living & Laughing

Then to Four Farthings for Thurs night Karaoke!!  I sang TWO SONGS!!!  I have the WORLD’S WORST VOICE!!  I loved every minute of it.   I sang Pour Some Sugar On Me- I know so typical and cheesy, but also you have to admit, the perfect karaoke song.  I also requested to sing O’ Lamour by Erasure- one of my all time favorite songs!   Instead I was called up to the stage and A Little Respect came on and I belted out every word!!   All good- I mean, Erasure rules!!!    Anyhow, from there the crew broke apart and some went home.  I went to a friend’s house for a brief visit.  This part of the story is amazing.   I am skipping most of the details, but suffice to say that I went home and realized I either lost something or left it there.  The next day I searched everywhere- my house, my car, stalked my friend to make sure he looked for it.   I decided to just simply go over to his house and retrace my steps (even though I knew he was at work and I would not be able to go inside, I thought it would be worth it to check as my lost item might be on the street!   This item is vital to me!).   So, I did just that.  I walked the exact same route to and from my car as I did the night before and low and behold, I found it!!!!    I could not believe it.  There it was, sitting in the side of the street- not even dirty!!!  YAY!!!   If you had seen me in that moment, the smile on my face would have looked like I belonged on another planet!    What a terrific feeling.  

Anyhow, friday 6/26 my girl friend Rebecca came over and we had dinner at Riverview  in Roscoe Village (best salads ever) and hung out.  Needless to say, the action of the night came from Daree.  He decided to pick up a dead bird and try to eat it.  I had to fight him tooth and nail.   There was no chance I was able to pry his mouth open… I tried my hardest!!!  My only option was to push on his neck as hard as humanly possible until he dropped it.   I did it and he would not drop it!!!  My girl friend and I were both screaming and Daree was not letting up!  I finally managed to think fast and had a zip lock in my bag.   My friend handed it to me and with all the love I have for Daree, I managed to push on his neck just hard enough to make him open his mouth, I held it open and reached in and grabbed the dead bird and threw it out!!   This entire process was unreal.   I am not a girlie girl at all… but I am definitely not a dead animal lover.   I am in fact, a total baby when it comes to bugs and dead creatures.   So this, for me, was hugely scary.  The fact was though, there was no other option.    No one was there to help.  I did not expect Rebecca to do it.  This is my dog and I had to suck it up and take care of business.   That is exactly what I did.   Oddly, we were both shaken up after that (not odd), but I felt such a huge sense of independence and strength after that.  Being able to handle that, even though we all freaked out, was really oddly comforting.   I mean, we all know when push comes to shove, we will do whatever it takes for those we love.  I knew Daree would get very sick if he ate the bird and for me, there was no hesitation.     In any case, it is moments like those that I feel like I could tackle anything.   

Lastly, Saturday night I had dinner with my good friend Marni who I had not seen in WAY TOOOOO LONG!!  So we went to Bob San and gabbed away.   So much fun to be with Marni- from start to finish- and what a finish!   We had a mellow and delicious meal of cucumber salad, sashimi, edamame and white wine.  I had reisling- Bob San has my favorite Hirschbach (spelled incorrectly I am sure) Reisling and she had Sauvignon Blanc I think.   At dinner, we sat outside initially and then a little rain brought us inside for the remainder.  Once inside, the man (cute single guy from Cali) at the table next to us started talking with us and ended up inviting us sailing with him.  Now Marni is married, but we both felt flattered.  The Cali guy left and actually came back to our table after he said goodbye to us and already had paid his check) and asked us to come sailing with him the the next day.   Was really sweet.  Sadly we both had plans… From there we went to an Imerman Angels Event at LaSalle Power Co.    The event was a success and I will always support my boy Jonny Imerman!!!   Love you Jonny!!   Marni and I ran into a bunch of people and ended up out and about a bit more only to end up late night with Cheetos and Combos (Marni had none).   I was disappointed in myself for eating the junk food!!  Little food and lots of wine leads to Cheetos (my favs) for me for some reason… No mas!!

Today I spent lunch with Carly and dinner with Jodi and stayed local.  Ate at Victory Banner and Riverview.  I am quite content and geared up for a great week ahead.  A lot of events and good weather ahead.   Truly, I do not want the fireworks to freak my dog out too much.   One of my hugest stressors is when Daree ( or one of my animals) gets freaked out.   Fireworks are AWFUL for animals and I think people need to be educated on that.   I hope that if they understand the effect on animals, people will not set them off.   They are illegal, but in Roscoe Village, it is almost as if every single household ignores that and sets off hours of em… I am planning ahead to get the hell away from Roscoe!!    Not sure where to, but hopefully a family member will help out with Daree bear.  

Daree my love

Daree my love

All in all, summer has begun and it’s heating up.    I’m excited and ready.   My goal is to learn to live in the grey a bit more.  I am such an all or nothing girl- ie, either I am all about a diet or totally eat whatever I want, either I work out 7 days a week or none at all…. I know you get it…. So, my goal is to be able to find a gentle balance in all areas- work, dating, health, friendships, family and more.  I feel more sure now more than ever that life is short and I want to live it up while I can (that’s why those Cheetos come to mind when drinking).

Carpe diem,


Well, I love that within my family, now my mom, my cousin and I are all blogging.  I remember when I started thinking about blogging and I knew no one who actually blogged.  Now, several of my friends and members of my family are blogging. 

My cousin is a professional writer and her blog is the epitome of what I wish my blog was.  My mom’s blog poses the idea of her being too old to blog in each post.  We all know she is far from old and quite interesting.   The bizarre part is the modesty, doubt, and or insecurity in each post of which the basic premise is, “who really cares what I say”.   Of course the people reading it are interested.  So stop with the modesty and own what you are doing.  

The reality is, and finally some of my  family members are seeing it, that blogging is an outlet, a forum, a platform.   Blogging can be anything and everything.  Blogging allows us to put our thoughts, feelings, questions, issues, stories, and more OUT THERE.    The idea of one or one million readers is the ultimate.   The fact that we do not see our readers on the daily, in my opinion (and who really cares about my opinion anyhow), makes it easier for people to express themselves so freely.   

So, Mom- the answer to your question is- people actually do care.  Well, maybe they don’t care… I do!   Regardless, everyone seems to play it off, but people will read it. “If you build it, they will come”.   In the beginning, people pretended they were not into Facebook, then they did it with Twitter.  The reality is, people may not have the time every day to read blogs, to IM, to email, to twit… but when they do have time, people will explore the web, the blogs, the social media sites with passion; whether they admit it or not.

I am writing simply to say that I am still so moved by Barack Obama.    I just finished watching Brian Williams’ Inside The Obama White House.  I literally laughed, cried, and was engrossed almost the entire time.   I actually watched it twice.   And it was two hours… 

I have to say that although this post is probably boring beyond belief, that I am still so inspired, so moved and so excited by our new president and his amazing staff.   I feel so very privileged to have gotten to work on the campaign and in fact, it makes me want to get involved even now.   

The real inspiration and reason I became so passionate about social media was the Obama campaign.   Even now, the president’s cabinet uses social media tools on the daily.   Sadly, people still choose to bicker about the real impact of social media and or still don’t see the value.   My approach has been to engage with them and try show them how valuable social media is.  I decided today that I can not quite do that anymore.  It is becoming clearer everyday the value social media carries and for those who refuse to learn about it, well, all I can say is, talk to me next year and we will see if you still refuse to roll with it.  

What I love is how Obama’s team is so progressive, so candid, and so real.   I love how even four months after inauguration day, I am still so inspired and so moved by our new president.  I never imagined politics and the first family to be so truly invigorating.   Can’t wait to get more involved in some respect and see how things continue to evolve.

GO B.O.!!

Delicious DIRT. Launched

Since I have been doing freelance social media public relations as well as plain ol’ fashioned publicity, I have decided to take it a step further as of late.   I plan to do what I have been doing for my clients, for myself and grow my company/ site.   So be on the lookout and whether you are a stylist, a hotel, a chapstick company, a jewelry line, a bar, or a graphic designer, I can guarantee you that I will not only grow your business, but I will also Elevate Your Presence.

As I said in the previous post, because I am strategic and selective about who I choose to work with, I will add you to my list of clients only if I believe in your product / brand / name.   So if I believe in you, you know others will too.

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