Delicious DIRT. Danny Macaroons on ABC News with Steve Dolinksy:

Our favorite macaroon master has done it again. Watch Danny Macaroons whip up some mouthwatering macaroon magic in this ABC 7 Chicago segment. Thank you Steve and ABC!!

See the story here.

Delicious DIRT. Chicago Food Film Fest 2011 Sneak Peek on ABC 7 Chicago with George Motz + Seth Unger

ChiFFF Shuck + Suck by Marc Klutznick

As you know, we particularly love to show off the edibles from both Chicago + NYC Food Film Festivals.  The segment below from ABC 7 News in Chicago has a lot of flavor folks:

Check out more great Food Film Fest press and reviews coming out of Chicago (ABC, NBC, Eater, Delicious DIRTSerious Eats, Huffington Post, Food Mafia, just to name a few) by visiting the Food Film Festival press page.

We know, we know… the Festival first being called Borderline Genius by The New Yorker, now all this great press out of Chicago…we promise to keep our egos in check…sort of.

Much gratitude to Nicole!!! #Wood

Delicious DIRT. We’re AMPED From 2011 Chicago Food Film Fest. Now You Can Be Too

Pleasant House Bakery's Tasty Meatball @ Chicago Food Film Fest by Marc Klutznick

If you’re food nerds like us and you happened to have missed the SOLD OUT 2011 Chicago Food Film Fest this past weekend, calm your inner food geek with these festival flicks. You won’t be having foodgasms while tasting what you saw as we did…but this is the #nextbestthing until #FFF 2012. For now, satisfy your inner food nerd with these short flicks below.

You’ll see hottie Danny Macaroons get down in his sweet kitchen + crave macs within twenty seconds. These macaroons actually need no intro, already have a cult following, + are the most soft plump fresh scrumptious macaroons we’ve had. See why for yourselves below and let us know when you get lucky enough to mac on those macs (hint: order here). You’ll also probably salivate over D Vault’s doughnuts which def walked the walk. Yes, we’ve officially lost our D Vault virginity and hell yes, it was worth the wait. #donutsarethenewcupcakes. And after seeing sexy chef Aaron make those doughnuts at 1am, we now know how much delicacy goes into these mind-blowing delights + why people stand in the rain for hours to scarf em down. You’ll also see #ChiFFF double award winner for best short + audience choice -> Buttermilk: It Can Help, Farm To Barstool + a few Intelligentsia shorts below… Food porn photo tours soon… stay tuned for more #DeliciousDIRT soon.

The Doughnut Vault: winner of the 2011 Chicago Food Film Fest’s Best Super Short, The Doughnut Vault by Mode Project:

Danny Macaroons by SkeeterNYC on Food Curated:

Buttermilk: It Can Help by Joe York

2011 #ChiFFF Awards: Audience Choice: Buttermilk: It Can Help, Best Super Short: The Doughnut Vault, Best Short: Buttermilk: It Can Help, Best Food Porn: Amor Pulpo, Food Filmmaker of the Year: Jason Lam for How to Make a Turtle Burger.
Few other flicks #ChiFFF below including Farm To Barstool by Sky Full Of Bacon’s Michael Gebert where we go behind the scenes at Art Jackson’s Pleasant House Bakery and a few Intelligentsia below:

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Delicious DIRT. Chicago Food Film Festival Trailer by George Motz

All the details you need for this week’s 2nd Annual Chicago Food Film Festival Here.   

Delicious DIRT. Mud And The Blood Trailer by George Motz

Delicious DIRT. NEXT Opens Childhood

Grant Achatz has done it again folks. The genius chef has brilliantly taken Next to the next level with his Childhood menu.

Want more ->

What foods instantly transport you to your childhood?  This krafty combo of cheese hot dogs, Kraft mac + cheese, donuts, swedish pancakes, rice krispy treats, cereal, cheetos and more cereal might just do it for us… What foods make you feel those wonder years all over again? Do share.

Food Porn @ Next, Childhood -> A Photo Tour

One of Delicious DIRT‘s all time favorite people, the exceptional and utterly handsome James Goeke, got lucky at Next’s Childhood opening last week.  Now we’re the lucky ones because he shared his food porn with us. This time you might actually be screaming for those Brussels sprouts as you mutter, “ET phone home.” All photos courtesy of James Goeke. Click photos to enlarge.

The Menu


Mac + Cheese

Donuts + Batter -> AMAZING


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NYC Food Film Festival Announces Details for 5th Year.Taste What You See On The Screen!

20+ Films Selected For Food Film Festival Running October 13-16th @ Tribeca Cinemas

1st Ever Food Porn Party Set for Saturday Night

Food Bank For New York City Returns as Beneficiary

International Culinary Center is Exclusive Culinary School

Featured Below: Trailer for “Mistura: The Power of Food”, Dir. Patricia Perez

MISTURA.THE POWER OF FOOD. TRAILER. from Patricia Perez on Vimeo.

NEW YORK, NY — The NYC Food Film Festival returns to New York City for its 5th consecutive year offering a unique series of events where food and film lovers return to taste what they see on the screen. Yes, the NYC Food Film Festival is the only festival in the world that serves the food that is seen in the films. Produced in association with the James Beard Foundation and benefiting the Food Bank For New York City, the 2011 NYC Food Film Festival runs from October 13 through October 16, 2011 at Tribeca Cinemas.

The NYC Food Film Festival was created by George Motz, the documentary filmmaker behind the award-winning Hamburger America film, book and mobile app. and Chef Harry Hawk. Through documentaries, features and short films, the Festival presents the best, and the most memorable, of the world’s favorite and exotic foods on the big screen…and then serves them to the guests.

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Tribe by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Their music shaped us.  Their music continues to inspire us – on the daily.  Tribe Called Quest truly kicks it like no other.  Because we’re so pumped to see Michael Rapaport’s just released documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, we thought we’d feel Bonita for hot minute. Rapaport aka Phoebe‘s boyfriend on our fave, Friends, makes his directorial debut with this much hyped documentary. Want a Taste? Just don’t leave your wallet….

Most of Tribe’s greatness, released in the 90′s, transports us right back to freshman year at Madison with a smile.  Then and now, we dance like no one’s watching and sing like no one’s listening. Can not get enough Tribe.  Ever. Classic moment – a few years ago, Q-Tip actually handed MBK the mic at HOB in Chicago.  Best shout out ever. Yes You Can.

Q-Tip Courtesy of PDS

Cause we know what it’s like to be stressed out, stressed out, check our fave Tribe compilation = The Anthology. It combines the best of the best Tribe: Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, Beats, Rhymes & Life, The Love Movement + more.  Music truly does not get any better than hip hop masters Q-Tip, Phife and Ali. The Tribe most definitely Flies High Like A Dove. Though Tribe’s not kickin’ it at Lolla (we WISH), you might be able to taste their flavor when you’ll feel beats. FYI, Lolla is sold out. BUT, as always, you can get tickets on the scene if you’re smooth like butter.

Hot Sex On A Platter, Bonita by Grantsland

Delicious DIRT’s Kitchen Insider At Chicago Cut


Molly Bett Kovler is a social worker turned social media strategist, editor, publicist, blogger and event executor. After graduating with a Master’s from The University of Chicago and working on the Obama ’08 campaign, MBK founded and runs Elevate Your Presence, LLC. EYP is a full service publicity, social media, editorial, management, and event execution firm defining excellence.  MBK is highly connected & heavily embedded in the social web.  Join EYP’s exclusive client list to Embrace. Evolve. Elevate – Elevate Your Presence. #DeliciousDIRT

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Delicious DIRT Quickie Inside Chicago Cut’s Kitchen on Food Mafia’s Feed

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at some of the country’s sexiest, busiest and top notch restaurants?  Wonder. No. More.

Delicious DIRT’s new series, Kitchen Insider, will answer all of your questions and then some.  Like our elevated interviews?  True food nerds like us simply can’t get enough food porn.  They don’t call us food geeks for nothing folks.  You’ll love going where all the action happens: inside premier kitchens like Chicago Cut, Girl & The Goat, Tiny Lounge, Frontier Chicago, Perennial Virant, Avenues, The Motel Bar, Table 52 and more. You’ll be so close you’ll feel it, you’ll almost taste it and either way, you’ll most definitely crave it.  Watch it, read it, hear it, and eat it.

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Delicious DIRT. Juicy Event Alert

When was the last time you let yourself GO???  Literally being soaking wet, not giving one iota and just living in the moment is the Best. Feeling. Ever.  Dancing like no one sees you = our motto over here on the DIRT team.  Can you even remember the last time you danced like no one was watching, that you partied til the sun came up and sang at the top of your lungs?  The DIRT team HIGHLY recommends you let loose and get out June 2nd and DISAPPEAR HERE!  Feel the music. Dance Dance Dance.

Heaven Malone - one of our all time favorite DJ’s is hosting a killer dancer party at Angels + Kings on June 2nd in the Chi!  Heaven is an all around wonderful man for whom we have utter appreciation.  He is not only a hard core jammin’ sexy DJ, but he is also a truly talented graphic designer with patience that could literally win Grammy’s!   After the Holocaust Museum event (that night 6-9), go dance your ass off and play (9-2am)!  Event info below.

Disappear Here . Thursday, June 2nd. JHN RDN + Ian Saint Laurent (Hands & Knees, Philadelphia)

6/2 Angels + Kings 9pm-2am, Disappear Here

Inspired by the wanton writings of Bret Easton Ellis, in 2009 a new
indie-electro dance party called “Disappear Here” formed in the sultry
depths of Angels & Kings. Featuring the latest underground music by fresh,
talented producers and DJs with the occasional celebrity thrown in for
sacrifice, “Disappear Here” was known for it’s young riotous energy.

From transforming the venue into a massive slumber party pillow fight with
guest DJs SHE WANTS REVENGE, to an 8ft tall dancing robot, to packed
surprise live performances, to a two floor packed LOLLAPALOOZA Launch
Party featuring DANNY MASTERSON – “Disappear Here” never failed to

Video from Hands & Knees, Philadelphia
On Thursday, June 2nd – DISAPPEAR HERE returns featuring the DJs from
Philadelphia’s most debaucherous dance party HANDS & KNEES – JHN RDN & Ian St. Laurent.  Get to Angels & Kings 230 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60601   9pm-2am  RSVP:   Resident DJ, Heaven Malone

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Delicious DIRT. Food Mafia Launch Video –> LIVE!

Video speaks a million words!   You waited patiently and now it is HERE!   The Food Mafia launch video is now live!  Thank you to all our lovely chefs / owners + Potenza Productions!

Food Mafia Launch Video from Elevate Your Presence on Vimeo.


Chef Michael Kornick — Chef and Partner of mk, DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, N9NE
Curtis Duffy — Executive Chef of Avenues
Boka Group‘s Kevin Boehm + Rob Katz — Owners of Girl & Goat, GT Fish & Oyster, Perennial Virant, Landmark, Boka
Chef Giuseppe Tentori — Executive Chef at GT Fish & Oyster, Boka
Brandon Baltzley — Executive Chef at Tribute Restaurant
D.C. Crenshaw — Food Critic
Hubie Greenwald — owner of The Motel Bar
Dion AnticThe Bagel on Damen, Porkchop, Harry’s Velvet Room
Jackie Shen — Executive Chef of Chicago Cut Steakhouse
David Morton — partner at DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar
Mike Gierdon — Chef at FishBar
Stacy Johnson — Founder and CEO, Food Mafia, Inc.

More information –> Food Mafia. Check Food Mafia on Eater and Thrillist.

Food Mafia Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to launch in the coming months!  Get your fork on!   So much #DeliciousDIRT, so little time…

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