Delicious DIRT. Opening

Inside: Union Sushi & Barbeque Bar, D.C. Crenshaw, Brandon Baltzley, Ari Bendersky, Mike Schatzman, Worachai Thapthimkuna (Chao), Cheeky Chicago, James Goeke, Elevate Your Presence, Delicious DIRT, Food Mafia

Courtesy of Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar

We know you’ve been DYING to see the DIRT team’s pictures from Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar‘s Opening party… Here you go folks.   Congrats to friends Mike + Chao on a stellar space, divine unique cuisine (do not miss the Devon roll) and an overall awesome newbie resto!  Post will be updated with details + all our JUICE from the event.  For now –>  Wet. Your. Palate.


Union Co-Owner Mike Schatzman + Union Mixologist Quade Marshall @ Union

Opening signs @ Union

Chef Brandon Baltzley

Pure Deliciousness @ Union = Old City Market roll (inside): spicy tuna, seared salmon, spicy panzu, cilantro, green onion + fried okra. Plus our personal FAVE of the night: Devon roll (outside): sweet potato, curry mayo, chive and pickled radish. Divine Devon!

Executive Chef + Co- Owner of Union Chao w/ Scallop Roll

Hokkaido roll: grilled scallop, avocado, mayo, roasted pepper, jalapeno, @ Union

James Goeke & D.C. Crenshaw @ Union

Executive Chef Chao & Executive Chef Brandon Baltzley @ Union Party

D.C. Crenshaw Enjoying Union's Skewers

Going Going... Almost Gone! Union's chicken skewer + fish cake skewer with Wisconsin pepper jack cheese = surprisingly tasty.

Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar @ 230 W. Erie St.

Delicious DIRT. Interview

Inside: Potenza Productions, Curtis Duffy, Brandon Baltzley, Michael Kornick, Giuseppe Tentori, D.C. Crenshaw, Chicago Cut, Fish Bar, Jackie Shen, Food Mafia, Elevate Your Presence, Delicious DIRT

You watched it, you loved it, you wanted it. Thanks to Potenza, our Food Mafia launch video is an absolute hit!  We KNOW Ebert would give it 4 stars **** aka 5 stars in the resto world for all you food nerds!  From the first minute we saw Potenza’s clips, we were hooked. The day we began working with them, well, let’s simply say, could not have been better!

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Delicious DIRT. Food Mafia Launch Video –> LIVE!

Video speaks a million words!   You waited patiently and now it is HERE!   The Food Mafia launch video is now live!  Thank you to all our lovely chefs / owners + Potenza Productions!

Food Mafia Launch Video from Elevate Your Presence on Vimeo.


Chef Michael Kornick — Chef and Partner of mk, DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, N9NE
Curtis Duffy — Executive Chef of Avenues
Boka Group‘s Kevin Boehm + Rob Katz — Owners of Girl & Goat, GT Fish & Oyster, Perennial Virant, Landmark, Boka
Chef Giuseppe Tentori — Executive Chef at GT Fish & Oyster, Boka
Brandon Baltzley — Executive Chef at Tribute Restaurant
D.C. Crenshaw — Food Critic
Hubie Greenwald — owner of The Motel Bar
Dion AnticThe Bagel on Damen, Porkchop, Harry’s Velvet Room
Jackie Shen — Executive Chef of Chicago Cut Steakhouse
David Morton — partner at DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar
Mike Gierdon — Chef at FishBar
Stacy Johnson — Founder and CEO, Food Mafia, Inc.

More information –> Food Mafia. Check Food Mafia on Eater and Thrillist.

Food Mafia Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to launch in the coming months!  Get your fork on!   So much #DeliciousDIRT, so little time…

Delicious DIRT. Juice, To Open, Recently Opened

Inside: Chef Shuffles, Tavernita, Perennial, Boka Group, Ryan Poli, Danny Grant, Ria, Balsan, Brandon Baltzley, Tribute, Kanela, Hubbard Inn, Towne in Boston, Britney, post-Fashion Week dinner spots, Eatocracy, Street Style, New York Fashion Week

Delicious DIRT. JUICE

If you have not heard by now, you must be hiding under a rock because it’s been the HOT topic of the week! @ryanpoli is leaving Boka Group’s Perennial March 7  to join Tavernita, which the Mercadito team will open this summer.  Our friends / owners of Perennial say a celeb chef is on the way but mum’s the word for a while.

Boston’s hottest resto, Towne Stove and Spirits, offers a dream-like experience. With their Alice in Wonderland-Esque kitchen, three “See and be Scene at” bars, and lobster menu with 11 different preparations of New England’s favorite delicacy to top off the whole experience, who wouldn’t fall in love with Towne Stove and Spirits? This is definitely on our list of New England restos to visit and we look forward to trying out the other delish offerings from the kitchen team including: an eclectic international menu of whole roasted local seafood, Peking chicken, steaks to share, tandoori meats, wood-fired rotisserie chicken and delish Persian rice.

Want more JUICE.  You’re in luck!

Delicious DIRT. To Open

Delicious DIRT. Recently Opened

Delicious DIRT. Weekly EVENTS. Too Many To Count

Delicious DIRT’s TO EAT This Restaurant Week

Delicious DIRT’s Juice: Vote Eatocracy Style, Girl & The Goat, Sushi Samba, Tavernita, Food & Wine, and Saveur

A Little Juicy Delicious DIRT: ING, Tribute, Whisky Fest and More


Elevate Your Presence is calling all Food Nerds, Chefs, and Cuisine Obsessives. Food Mafia is launching soon. To receive an exclusive invitation, email us @ Plus, send us your juiciest FOOD PORN and you might even get lucky…

Delicious DIRT. JUICE

INSIDE: Ing Restaurant, Whisky Fest, Brandon Baltzley, Tribute, Tula, Pop Up Preview, Lillie’s Q, BYOBandits, Michael Kornick, Frontier, and more.

Ing restaurant soft opens tonight. We’re very excited. Last night’s media preview of the restaurant really got everyone buzzing. What can we expect from Homaru Cantu, the god of molecular gastronomy in Chicago? Well, peep the menu here and make resos now.  The grand opening will be March 1, 2011.

Breaking news in the resto world- it is finally public knowledge that hottie Chef Brandon Baltzley will be heading up the kitchen at Tribute in the Essex Inn (South Loop). Baltzley is one of our faves  and literally cooks up heaven.  He hails from NYC and has worked briefly in the kitchens of Mado, Alinea, and Schwa in the Chi.  Tribute is looking to be a long term position for Baltzley and we can not wait.

Chef Brandon Baltzley

Baltzley gave us the scoop a few weeks ago, but it was not until today that he confirmed with DIRT it’s signed sealed and delivered.  “Just had the meeting 3 hours ago,” his text read.  The resto will open in May and will seat 100 in the dining room with private party rooms and bar areas for another 100.

At last week’s Pop-Up Dinner for soon to open Tula Restorante, Baltzley chatted with us exclusively after serving up a solid 6 course meal for Jose Cervante’s newbie.  DIRT’s coverage of this and the Pop-Up dinner is coming this week… Stay tuned and see menu below.  For more info on Tribute, see Eater’s piece here.

Tula's Pop Up Dinner Menu

You’re going to have to have a strong stomach for this one. Whisky Fest is upon us. Yes, that annual event that has us salivating before it starts, and swimmy in the head and sick to our stomachs after it ends. Whiskey producers from around the world let you taste their prized drink. Not only do you get your alcoholic fix (250 types), but a giant buffet, a souvenir Glencairn whiskey glass, and seminars (if you choose) from Master Distillers. What more could any person want? 4/15 6:30-9:30, Hyatt Regency.

Lillie’s Q very own Charlie McKenna, Southern BBQ MASTER is now whipping out Bacon infused moonshine…aka “MoonSWINE” Can’t wait to try it out…

Delicious DIRT. Upcoming

Heads up–>coming soon–>Elevate Your Presence‘s Delicious DIRT covers:


Elevate Your Presence is calling all Food Nerds, Chefs, and Cuisine Obsessives. Food Mafia is launching soon.  To receive an exclusive invitation, email us @ Plus, send us your juiciest FOOD PORN and you might even get lucky…

Reminder: Sit Stay Read event at Benchmark Tuesday 2/15.  See firsthand how bringing dogs into schools ELEVATES life for both kids and animals.

Delicious DIRT. Upcoming

Heads up–>coming soon–>Elevate Your Presence‘s Delicious DIRT covers:

Inside: Frontier, Michael Kornick, Tru, Ari Bendersky, CC SKYE, Brandon Baltzley, Tula, Purple Pig, Food Mafia, Onie Bag

  • Frontier’s opening night – cocktails, oysters and 5 cheese Mac & Cheese– SHINES.

    Frontier's Mac & Cheese DELIGHTFUL BEYOND WORDS

  • Delicious DIRT contributor’s inside JUICE on the Tru experience.  AF’s day in Tru’s kitchen and night in the dining room.
  • Jose Cervante’s Pop Up dinner for his newbie, Tula Restaurante.  Oh and did we mention, hottie Brandon Baltzley cooked up a storm??

Stay tuned for all that and then some including Restaurant Week Juice….

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