Delicious DIRT. NEXT Opens Childhood

Grant Achatz has done it again folks. The genius chef has brilliantly taken Next to the next level with his Childhood menu.

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What foods instantly transport you to your childhood?  This krafty combo of cheese hot dogs, Kraft mac + cheese, donuts, swedish pancakes, rice krispy treats, cereal, cheetos and more cereal might just do it for us… What foods make you feel those wonder years all over again? Do share.

Food Porn @ Next, Childhood -> A Photo Tour

One of Delicious DIRT‘s all time favorite people, the exceptional and utterly handsome James Goeke, got lucky at Next’s Childhood opening last week.  Now we’re the lucky ones because he shared his food porn with us. This time you might actually be screaming for those Brussels sprouts as you mutter, “ET phone home.” All photos courtesy of James Goeke. Click photos to enlarge.

The Menu


Mac + Cheese

Donuts + Batter -> AMAZING


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Delicious DIRT. Get Dosed: Food and Fashion, One Sunday a Month

Dose Courtesy of Aaron Becker

You’ve spent many a Sunday trekking from Bucktown to Chinatown, Andersonville to the Gold Coast, and back again, in order to soak up everything Chicago has to offer. Life would be easier if there were just one stop.  CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Fresh berries from Seedling Fruit

Dose Market is just that: The new food and fashion market takes place one Sunday a month at the River East Art Center. Heather Sperling (Chicago Editor, Tasting Table) and Emily Fiffer (DailyCandy Chicago Editor) helm the food end; April Francis (the Haute Closet) and Jessica Herman (Associate Shopping Editor, Time Out Chicago) add a healthy dose of fashion and design to the mix. The foursome’s goal is simple: to expose Chicagoans to the creativity that makes this city tick – and put Chicago on the map, once and for all.

Gluten-free salted peanut brownies from Defloured

At the July 10 market, Grant Achatz crafted complimentary cocktails for guests in the morning hours.

Grant Achatz concocted a custom Dose cocktail, based on his new Thai menu at Next.

Slightly sloshed, shoppers soaked up the booze with Fritz Pastry’s buttery croissants and smeared them with passion fruit lime curd from Rare Bird Preserves.

Fresh from the fryer doughnuts from Fritz Pastry.

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Delicious DIRT’s Afternoon JUICE

  • Last week, Nick over at Grub Street told us about Etno Village Grill, a Mediterranean grill shop that just opened on Sheffield. We also hear we can get a hamburger too, amidst the Medi specialties.

    Photo by Etno

  • More Ferran Adria news to you molecular gastro groupies: He did an interview with the U.K.’s Telegraph, to discuss his upcoming culinary foundation, or, as we at EYP like to call it, elbulli 2.0. Read it here.

    Ferran Adria, Photo by

  • The Michelin debate—of all the restaurant rating systems out there (Michelin, Zagat, DiRoNa (Distinguished Restaurants of North America), Mobil/AAA Five Star and Five Diamonds, Relais Gourmand), do they have any relevance any more? Most important, and seemingly most revered, does Michelin still have the cachet that it once had? Fresh off the heels of Chicago’s inaugural guide, and celebrating the U.K.’s 100th Michelin anniversary, the culinary world is up in arms about Michelin ratings. Do restaurants and patrons give more weight to restos that have gained a star versus ones that haven’t? The Wall Street Journal here discusses the dying sparkle of the ratings.

  • The peer-awarded Jean Banchet awards occurred at the hyped-up Grand Chefs Gala for Cystic Fibrosis event on Friday night in the CHI. We at EYP love the Gala, especially since it’s for a good cause. But the Jean Banchet awards is the real star of the show. Rachael Lowe, Trump’s wine director took home the award for Best Sommelier; Alinea (no surprise here) won for Best Fine Dining; Curtis Duffy of Avenues won for Best Celebrity Chef. Chicago’s fine dining scene is getting better and better every day.

Delicious DIRT. Hiring

**The highly anticipated ING restaurant by Homaru Cantu is hiring, but only for a short time. Get in on the ground floor now.

Not a lot better than a grilled cheese done well! Elevate Your Presence could not agree more with The Huffington Post in naming ♥ Bangers & Lace in their BEST list! Congrats to owners/ friends Jason Freiman & Nick Podesta. Fire ‘em up! Chicago Food Mafia will be on the scene soon…

Chicago’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches We turn into cold, grumpy, hungry hermits this time of year–and who could blame us? If the cold weather has you bummed as well, may we suggest a grilled cheese sandwich?

Today’s JUICE-

  • It does feel good to be high, doesn’t it?  The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is now home to the world’s highest restaurant, At.mosphere, a mere 122 stories and 1,350 ft up.

  • At graham elliot, there’s some shuffling going on in the kitchen. The grahamwich owner tweeted Merlin Verrier is the new executive chef, and that Brian Runge is stepping up as chef de cuisine. Expect continued yumminess to come out of this den of whimsical cuisine that Elevate Your Presence ♥’s so much.

  • Get this: Start saving up for a November trip to London; Eater National reports that Harrod’s and Thomas Keller are collaborating on a 10-day pop up resto (#trending) combining the glory of The French Laundry and Per Se. Sounds AMAZE!

  • We at Elevate Your Presence love a clandestine affair…and an affair with food is no different.  A little birdie (Eater Chicago, thanks Ari) told us that Hush Supper Club, a DC underground dining venture by Chicago native, Geeta, is heading west to our fair city. Geeta would like to establish roots where it all began for her. Hush, the roving dinner party, will serve up authentic Indian fare in various homes for parties of 12-20. If you don’t mind letting 20 folks that you’ve never met inside your home to eat delicious Southeast Asian cuisine, then contact Geeta here.

  • @gachatz tells us that a website accompanying his riveting, soon-to-be-released read, Life, On the Line, is up and active.

  • The Bocuse d’Or (aka: the culinary Olympics) is wrapping up today. We’ll see which team reigns as top toque…Keep you posted…

Elevate Your Presence loves this Delicious Dirt via Eater Chicago on Michelin Guides‘ parties with food nerds galore – chefs like Grant Achatz , restaurant owners such as Boka Grp‘s Rob, Kevin and Giuseppe, journalists /bloggers such as the one and only fabulous Ari Bendersky and the rest of the good ol’ Chitown crew!

Elevate Your Presence wants you to get to know Grant Achatz in this video interview attached below! Chicago Food Mafia and Elevate Your Presence congratulate the Alinea chef on his Michelin Guides 3 stars! Achatz writes, “I’ve done my share of interviews, but its pretty fun when you get to do it while cruising town in a Lexus.”


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