Delicious DIRT.Much to LOVE: Tax-Free Shopping, Make Art W A Muse @ Floriole, Bistronimic’s New Cocktails, Pizza for a Cause

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ART + KIDS + FLORIOLE + President’s Day +No School = Make Art with A Muse

Floriole's Apple Fritter by MBK

A Muse Arts and our friend, the one and only truly talented hottie, Danielle Klinenberg aka Muse in Chief, host, “No School? Make Art with A Muse”, an art-making program on President’s Day 2/20. Catch this quick bit of Delicious DIRT?  Some of Danielle’s paintings were used in the Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston Chicago-filmed flick,“The Break-up” (Catch her sweet interview on Gaper’s Block here). SO, back to Monday’s awesome. Kids will design and create habitats and environments for animals, fantastical creatures, and or themselves in the cozy, sun-lit space of Floriole Café and Bakery. Mingle, sip coffee, and chill on your own time. Email for more info.

Takin’ the Tax Off: Shop Tax Free at 900 N. Michigan Shops

The 900 North Michigan Shops

We LOVE this time of the month. For the fourth year in a row, 900 North Michigan Shops bring TAX FREE shopping. Turning splurges into STEALS all weekend long.

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Sam Zell @ IFK 2011

Top money managers from around the world presented their coveted ideas to a packed crowd of almost eight hundred at the Third AnnualInvest For Kids Conference on November 9, 2011 at Chicago’s Harris Theater.  The investable ideas conference raised $1.1 million all of which will directly benefit seven local children’s charities. The crowd was a collection of the most respected and prominent family offices, hedge funds, asset managers, and investors in the Chicago investment community.

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Delicious DIRT. Top Money Managers To Donate Their Best Investment Ideas for Chicago Children’s Charities @ The 3rd Annual Invest For Kids Conference In Chicago 11/9 @ Harris Theater

11/9 Ten of the nation’s most prominent investment managers will share their best investable ideas at the third annual Invest For Kids conference. This unique investment conference features well known investment managers who will present their outlook and best investment ideas in concise 15 minute presentations. Every dollar raised directly benefits seven local children’s charities. Tickets are on sale now for this important charity event held on Wednesday, November 9th from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM at Chicago’s Harris Theater. 205 E Randolph

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Delicious DIRT. Give Back @ US Holocaust Memorial Museum Luncheon + In Chef’s Hands Event

Inside: National Holocaust Museum Risa K. Lambert Luncheon, Deborah E. Lipstadt, Rahm Emanuel, Diane, Gershowitz, Hal Gershowitz, Chef Rodelio Aglibot, Chef Todd Stein, In Chef’s Hands

National Holocaust Memorial Museum Luncheon.

Courtesy of USHMM: USHMM Pledge Wall that displays pledges submitted by on-site and online visitors to help meet the challenge of genocide.

11/7 Give back, learn and eat at the National Holocaust Museum Risa K. Lambert Chicago Luncheon. Special guest appearances being made by Deborah E. Lipstadt, the worlds leading expert on Holocaust denial, and Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. Take part in honoring Diane and Hal Gershowitz, who have both been actively involved in the museum since its inception, 20 years ago. The luncheon will be held at Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Make a reservation here for this exclusive event that aims to never forget the past and to always protect the future. Doors open for the event at 11:15 a.m. and goes on until 2 p.m. 301 E North Water St, Chicago, IL 60611.

In Chef’s Hands

11/8 In Chef’s Hands the new food nerd-driven non-profit organization founded by Chef Rodelio Aglibot, Chef Todd Stein, Jeremy Dubin, Chris Considine, Josh Daitch, Scott Crane, Mike Crane and Teena Crane. Their mission is to provide culinary educational experiences with renowned professional chefs for individuals with special needs who have a passion for food and cooking. Enjoy drinks compliments of our sponsors Ultimat Vodka, Patron Reprosado, Patron XO World Wide Wine and Goose Island, Wine Imports and passed appetizers from 6-830 by Chef Joho of Paris Club all while you learn about Chicago’s newest charitable organization, the culinary forces behind it and how to help those who literally “live” for the art of cooking. Tickets -> $35 online and $45 at the door.


Delicious DIRT’s Exclusive Interview With Michael Kornick

Wanna get ELEVATED? Now you’re in luck because Delicious DIRT is beginning our series of flavorful interviews exclusives.  We’re getting up close and personal with some of our favorite big shots.  You’ll read it, you’ll watch it, you’ll hear it and if you’re lucky, you might even taste it.  By now you know we love flavorful JUICE as we’re huge food nerds.  Stay tuned as we serve up much Delicious DIRTFOOD MAFIA style!

The DIRT Team could not be more grateful for Chef Michael Kornick.  As you know, MK is executive chef + partner in mk, DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar and partner in N9NE Group Vegas.  MK is not only a genius conscious chef, he is also a passionate family man who cares deeply about family, friends, dogs, community, politics, giving back, sustainable food / wine  + oh so much more.

A true Chicago man through and through, MK is an interesting and articulate dedicated chef who goes above and beyond to support local sustainable treasures more than most.  His culinary philosophy centers around serving locally produced conscious foods and wines.  Thank you for being you MK! Below, get to know this big shot as we go inside the mind of the man behind some of our all time #favorite meals.

President Obama + Lisa & Michael Kornick @ mk, Photo by Todd Bannor

Did You Know? Juice We LOVE:

**This spring, MK hosted Obama’s kick-off to the 2012 election campaign at mk the restaurant. His resto was chosen to hold the DNC’s first key fund-raising dinner for the 2012 Obama Democratic National Committee campaign.  AMAZE.  At $35,800 a plate, the event sold out at 50 people and served only sustainably produced food and wine.  Kornick told us, “President Obama asked how we’ve been, chatted a bit and kissed Lisa hello.  Truthfully, I thought that was the end for her.”  LOVE it. The Kornicks were avid on the campaign trail in ’08 and told the President, “We’ll be back out on the street to campaign with the kids again this time around.” GO BO!

**MK also sponsored a night at last year’s SOLD OUT 1st Annual Chicago Food Film Festival where he helped serve what you saw on the screen! DMK Burgers for all!  Don’t miss the 2011 NYC + Chi Food Film Fests this fall where you can TASTE WHAT YOU SEE ON THE SCREEN. MK might even bring some Fish Bar action in this time around. You. Never. Know.  Stay tuned…

**Heads up: Toque is Sept 8th.  This important culinary event raises money for Children’s Oncology Services (life changing important organization + past Invest For Kids recipient).  Chef Kornick is the chef chair of Toque which raises funds to send children with cancer to summer camp -> Camp One Step.  Toque’s success  helps children with pediatric cancer to just be kids by sending them to one of their camp.  Get to Toque + give back while enjoying delectable dishes created by Stephanie Izard, Michael Kornick, Mindy Segal, Mark Steuer, Graham Elliot Bowles,  and many more of your favorite Chicago chefs! Other Toque participating chefs include but are not limited to: Erick Williams (MK), Tony Galzin (MK), Chris Pandel (The Bristol), Cleetus Friedman (City Provisions), Frank Brunacci (Sixteen), Ryan Pitts (RL).

Food Mafia Godfathers Michael Kornick + Hubie Greenwald @ Food Mafia Video Shoot, Photo by MBK

Thankfully, Michael Kornick himself was kind enough to let Delicious DIRT inside his heart and mind (BELOW).  And what a pleasure!  CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Delicious DIRT (DD): How do you like & dress your Chicago hot dog?
Michael Kornick (MK):
Everything “Chicago Style” = mustard, onions, relish, dill pickle, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt, 9 to 1 natural casing steamed never grilled, poppy-seed bun. 
Where from?
Wiener’s Circle, Gold Coast Dogs and for simple tradition Gene and Judes.

Fried Lemon Rings @ Fish Bar = #DeliciousDIRT, Photo by MBK

DD: How do you like your pizza (thin, thick & what toppings)?  Where From?
: Top 4. Thin only, in Chicago, Great Lake, Piece, Ranaldi’s, Giggios (Evanston) in NYC, John’s on Bleeker, Patsy’s in Harlem, Co. on 23rd and 9th. In L.A. Pizzaria Mozze, In Las Vegas, Nove Italiano and I am almost considering going to Arizona for Pizza Bianco.

MK on set @ Food Mafia Video Shoot, Landmark, Photo by MBK

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Delicious DIRT. Elevate Your Presence is proud of Invest For Kids and thanks you all for your support on our tremendous event. Much of IFK’s press and press releases are included in this post which also includes a compilation of posts.  For more, please visit

Elevate Your Presence loves Invest For Kids in tomorrow’s Sunday Tribune Business section! Sneak peek on the “lords of investing” and their tips attached below.

Elevate Your Presence knows Invest For Kids was an amazing success and a win win all around! Social media wire release below

Invest For Kids raised over 1 million dollars at today’s conference!! All the money goes directly to Chicago children’s charities which is obviously amazing and life changing for our 7 charity beneficiaries! Thank you for your support. Stay tuned… Financial innovators still presenting.

Elevate Your Presence Elevate Your Presence thanks Crain’s Chicago’s Lynne Marek for her Invest For Kids coverage in Crain’s Chicago Business.

Elevate Your Presence is proud to have been a part of Invest For Kids 2nd annual event and even more thrilled IFK raised over 1 million dollars today — all benefiting local children’s charities!!

Elevate Your Presence is proud to present Invest For Kids‘ first appearance in the Francis W. Parker Alumni Newsletter!

Invest For Kids is tomorrow!! Elevate Your Presence is counting the hours… See you there for a monumental day!

Elevate Your Presence November 3rd, 2010- Investment ideas “donated” by some of the brightest and most influential names in finance. Elevate Your Presence is beyond excited for Invest For Kids! Local charities such as Snow City Arts, Chicago Run, Scholarship Chicago, Kipp Charter School, and more will receive all donations. Great cause and recommended by MarketFolly and CME Group! Check it out below

Top Global Money Managers Will “Donate” Investment Advice

Elevate Your Presence REMINDER – Invest For Kids is November 3. Elevate Your Presence and CME Group highly recommend Chicago’s Investable Ideas Conference where you will hear from some of the most powerful influential financial experts of our time (all proceeds go to children’s charities). Check out MarketFolly‘s post on IFK below and hope to see you November 3rd.

Invest For Kids: Chicago’s Investable Ideas Conference ~ market folly

VIDEO- Elevate Your Presence is proud to share the Invest For Kids video profiling our seven charity beneficiaries below. Snow City Arts, Scholarship Chicago, Chicago Run, are among the 7 wonderful organizations!! Hope to see you November 3, 2010 for a top notch day.

Elevate Your Presence HIGHLY recommends you join our newly launched Invest For Kids facebook page today and while you’re there, check out the latest posts!!!

Hello again!  It’s been WAY too long and I’m sorry for that.  I thank you, my loyal Sunshine Sealed readers, for sticking with me and showing the love even with a ten month blogging hiatus.  I can promise you that from this moment onward, you will be reading a lot of DELICIOUS DIRT from me.

Since starting my own company, I have been extremely busy, but that is no excuse as to why I have not blogged it all.  For that, I am sorry.  As my wonderful friend and client Stephen Brooks says, “Siempre adelante, nunca por atras” aka always forward, never back.  The road is long and the journey continues.   I can simply say, I am proud of myself and loving every minute of working with my unique and varied clients.

I don’t even know where to begin… Since I last posted, so much has happened.  I officially launched Elevate Your Presence, LLC and am about to launch version 2.0 in November (if my developer finishes our revamp by deadline).  Stay tuned for an even sexier, more delightful, more sun-kissed website and branding/ identity system by estudiotres .  I can not wait for EYP 2.0!

My company, Elevate Your Presence (EYP), is a full service publicity, media, management and event planning and execution firm.  I have been so super selective to only take clients I really and truly believe in like Food Mafia – the newest concept in the online Foodie world (more about the Mafia soon).   I have to say that philosophy and decision was and still is one of my best!  Some of my clients include investment conferences such as next month’s Invest For Kids, non-profits such as The Sustainable Living Roadshow & The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,  festivals such as the annual NYC/ Chicago Food Film Festivals, restaurants such as The Motel Bar, the soon to be launched FOOD MAFIA and many more.

*****Join the EYP Facebook page here ,follow EYP on Twitter and join the official EYP mailing list for the latest news, events and hottest deals out there and show some love!

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