Delicious DIRT Quickies: Publican Quality Meats Brings Burgers; Doughnut Vault Best in the USA; Troy Graves’ Red Door Opens In Duchamp Space; Do-Rite Donuts Open Saturdays; Beer and Wine Coming to Starbucks Lakeview; Retractable Glass Roof to the Wit.

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May 1 = First Burger Night at Publican Quality Meats

Publican Quality Meats by Scott Manlin

Chef Paul Kahan tweeted Publican Quality Meats will now serve burgers and we’re salivating already. Beginning May 1, PQM serves up their first burger night. One thing we KNOW for sure, we expect juicy burgers. Hopefully George Motz will hit this joint on his next Chi trip so we know the low down from the true burger expert himself… Until then, we’ll juuuust have to sample the goods ourselves. 312.445.8977. 825 W. Fulton Market. [Grub Street]

Red Door Opening In Duchamp Space. Below

Do-Rite Donuts Open Saturdays. Below

Retractable Roof at Wit Hotel on May 9. Below

Beer + Wine To Starbucks Chi Specifics. Below

Doughnut Vault Gets Best in Country. Below

Doughnut Vault by Nathan Michael

We love when our friends win big! Congrats to friend Brendan Sodikoff + team -> aka Food Film Fest winner, Doughnut Vault on being named Best Doughnuts in the COUNTRY by Food & Wine Magazine. NOT a surprise to us. Serious foodgasms are a sure thing when taking these babies down.

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Delicious DIRT. Get the Goods Delivered to Your Door, Catch Up on Closings, and Philly Cheesesteaks Where?

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Artizone Chicago: Order from Local & Specialized Shops Right from Home

Cut to order sliced bacon from Gepperth's Meat Market via Artizone Flickr

Artizone delivery service launched mid February and we are so digging their mission: to provide an online destination for Chicago’s best brick-and-mortar food shops. Artizone is perfect for us food nerds allowing us to shop local specialized shops right from our comfy couches. Artizone has already partnered with amazing Chicago sites Green Grocer Chicago, Gepperth’s Meat Market, Katherine Anne Confections, Pasta Puttana, The Great American Cheese Collection, Italian Superior Bakery, Hendrickx Belgian Bread, and Hagen’s Fish Market, but will be adding new vendors each month. High quality + local goodies + delivered to your door = DROOLING over everything they offer. Get your standard eggs and milk, or venture out and try a new recipe (which Artizone also has) and get a new cut of meat or handmade pasta.

Monti’s (Chicago’s Own Piece of Philly) to Open in March. Below

Duchamp Closes Its Doors… But NOT For Long. Below

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Food Mafia Launches Exclusive Member Based Restaurant Recommendation Website

Local Eateries Gain Exposure Through Food Insiders; Consumers Learn Best Of In Each City

CHICAGO, IL – March 25, 2011 – –   Food Mafia is thrilled to announce the launch of its website – THE exclusive online destination for food fanatics.   Chicago Food Mafia, the first of many city-centric Food Mafia communities to launch, is the most interactive user-friendly restaurant review site in existence. Users will find this member-based site a scrumptious eatery reference system integrating technology and food. Content is user-generated through Food Mafia members- a community of premiere chefs (ie, Michael Kornick), restaurant owners (ie, Michael Kornick, Kevin Boehm, Curtis Duffy, Jason Freiman), sommeliers, bloggers, industry professionals (ie, George Motz, D.C. Crenshaw), cuisine obsessives and more.

In a world of anonymous reviews, it has become increasingly difficult to find credible recommendations. “Because tastes are subjective, I created Food Mafia to provide users with insight from like minded food lovers,” said Stacy Johnson, CEO/Founder of Food Mafia, Inc. “Food Mafia is a real time social media restaurant guidebook, piloting in Chicago.  I wanted to create a quick easy way to find and give great recommendations for restaurants that are unique to each city.  Food Mafia is the solution,” Stacy explained.

The distinctive site is exquisite, giving consumers luscious Feeds straight from the kitchens of their favorite local culinary personalities and cuisine insiders.  Food Mafia organizes and curates the hottest restaurant suggestions, culinary events, sweet deals and news all generated by food insiders and juicy blogs (ie, Delicious DIRT).

  • Food Mafia supports local by allowing users to sort by local only establishments.
  • Food Mafia gives chefs the opportunity to create a more personal connection with consumers, promote their own restaurants, and share their favorites.
  • Food Mafia features, Feeds such as Delicious DIRT, keep readers up to date on the latest tidbits and culinary happenings through social networking/ blogging integration, food news aggregation, sexy deals and hot events.
  • Food Mafia has the scoop on where and what to eat, pricing, and how the cuisine actually tastes. The Mafia Meter allows users to find exactly what they’re on the hunt for with integrative search options such as sorting restaurant searches by member recommendations.

Visit Food Mafia at and get the Delicious DIRT from your city’s food scene.

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Not a lot better than a grilled cheese done well! Elevate Your Presence could not agree more with The Huffington Post in naming ♥ Bangers & Lace in their BEST list! Congrats to owners/ friends Jason Freiman & Nick Podesta. Fire ‘em up! Chicago Food Mafia will be on the scene soon…

Chicago’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches We turn into cold, grumpy, hungry hermits this time of year–and who could blame us? If the cold weather has you bummed as well, may we suggest a grilled cheese sandwich?

Today’s JUICE-

  • It does feel good to be high, doesn’t it?  The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is now home to the world’s highest restaurant, At.mosphere, a mere 122 stories and 1,350 ft up.

  • At graham elliot, there’s some shuffling going on in the kitchen. The grahamwich owner tweeted Merlin Verrier is the new executive chef, and that Brian Runge is stepping up as chef de cuisine. Expect continued yumminess to come out of this den of whimsical cuisine that Elevate Your Presence ♥’s so much.

  • Get this: Start saving up for a November trip to London; Eater National reports that Harrod’s and Thomas Keller are collaborating on a 10-day pop up resto (#trending) combining the glory of The French Laundry and Per Se. Sounds AMAZE!

  • We at Elevate Your Presence love a clandestine affair…and an affair with food is no different.  A little birdie (Eater Chicago, thanks Ari) told us that Hush Supper Club, a DC underground dining venture by Chicago native, Geeta, is heading west to our fair city. Geeta would like to establish roots where it all began for her. Hush, the roving dinner party, will serve up authentic Indian fare in various homes for parties of 12-20. If you don’t mind letting 20 folks that you’ve never met inside your home to eat delicious Southeast Asian cuisine, then contact Geeta here.

  • @gachatz tells us that a website accompanying his riveting, soon-to-be-released read, Life, On the Line, is up and active.

  • The Bocuse d’Or (aka: the culinary Olympics) is wrapping up today. We’ll see which team reigns as top toque…Keep you posted…

Chicago is certainly one of the most fabulous cities in the world- especially when it comes to food!!

Chicago Food Mafia Via Elevate Your Presence
Cant wait for some banging Bangers & Lace! Congrats to friends Jason Freiman and Nick Podesta! RT: Eater Chicago : Wicker Park’s Bangers & Lace opening within 2 weeks. via Eater Chicago

Elevate Your Presence: Chicago Food Mafia & Elevate Your Presence are SO EXCITED for Boka Group / Kevin Boehm‘s newest addition to their award winning restaurant group slated to open in February 2011 in the former Tizi Melloul space: GT Fish & Oyster. Read all about it here via Eater Chicago

Chicago Food Mafia via Elevate Your Presence is thrilled to see some of our favs – Salpicon, Mexique & Chef Rick Bayless‘s spots on Chicago magazine‘s Top 12 List of Best Mexican Restaurants! Check out more below via Eater Chicago

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