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Inside: DIRT Exclusive Part 2 with Eater Chicago’s Ari Bendersky

Finally, Delicious DIRT is bringing you a bit more with one of our favorite food big shots, Ari Bendersky.  This time, the action is a bit more personal… We know you’re already crazy about Ari, but after you read this, you’ll fall even harder.  You’ll learn the hottie behind Eater Chicago is a lover of all things dog, loves love like we do, appreciates beauty in food and has fab taste in movies.  He’s taken… so don’t get your stalker on ladies and gents.  But definitely fasten your seat belts, and tightly. Enjoy the ride.  Um, it’s impossible not to.  For Part 1 with AB, click here.

Ari Bendersky

Delicious DIRT (DD): Name your all time top 12 favorite things?
Ari Bendersky (AB): Not sure these are my 12 faves but it’s a pretty good list: Navy cashmere hoodie from J. Crew; my summers at Camp Chi; spending a semester in Madrid during college; watching the sun rise from Masada in Israel; watching the sun set from our favorite villa in Puerto Vallarta every winter; grilling in the summer; drinking rosé on any patio in the summer; getting my New York magazine each week; Cheddar char dogs with cheddar fries from Michael’s; Spending weekends at my parents pool with my family, my LeMond road bike; my dog, Emma and partner, Drew.

DD: What 7 movies do you love the most?  Could watch over & over?
AB: St. Elmo’s Fire; About Last night; Moulin Rouge; Color Purple; Almost Famous; Pretty Woman; Breakfast Club.

DD: What are the greatest food porn scenes in tv & film in your opinion?
AB: Friends when Joey had to eat all the lasagnas.

DD: How do you start & end each day?
AB: Start: stretch, walk my dog, make tea, have some breakfast and start posting to Eater.  End: Try desperately to read for more than 5-10 minutes before I completely zonk out. Then give my partner a kiss and fall asleep.

DD: Be specific, what for each meal and how often do you dine out?
AB: Breakfast: Sometimes oatmeal with fruit, sometimes eggs, always some Lifeway kefir. Lunch: usually tuna or chicken breast and salad. Dine out about 3x per week.  Usually don’t go out for lunch during the week.

DD: What do you cherish most in your life?
AB: My partner, Drew, and our dog, Emma.

Oh Ari, you are one in a million.  Thank you for letting us inside.

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