Elevate Your Presence

Elevate Your Presence

Publicity, Social Media, Event, Execution, Management

Elevate Your Presence (EYP) is a full service publicity, social media, business development, management, and event execution firm founded and run by Molly Bett Kovler. EYP also specializes in editorial and digital strategy as well as production work such as street casting and scouting.

Our premium boutique agency defines excellence. We work with individuals, businesses, festivals, and non-profits nationwide to publicize and grow their organizations. Our aim is to catapult you and or your brand/ company into an entirely more well known field. We work with you directly, and based on your goals, design a plan of attack accordingly. We have wide-ranging expertise with a number of industry standard technologies. Molly Bett Kovler capitalizes on her networks while utilizing the best most strategic tools to Elevate Your Presence.

We are selective when choosing clients and if we believe in you, you know others will too. We will add you to our exclusive list of clients because we are passionate about your brand/ product /name/ company.

Offline, online, traditional, social – it’s all media now. Embrace. Evolve. Elevate – Elevate Your Presence.

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 Why social media? Watch this clip by Socialnomics to find out.

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